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Microsoft Visual C++ : Microsoft has long published a suite of software tools with which programmers in general, having no particular connection with Microsoft, may write programs in the C and C++ languages for execution on Microsoft's operating systems. In theory, or perhaps only in the idealized world of the naive, Microsoft's programmers who use Visual C++ to write programs for execution on Microsoft's operating systems have the same knowledge, all other things being equal, of Visual C++ as have other programmers who are also in this (openly competitive) business of writing programs for execution on Microsoft's operating systems.

I need a Visual C++ programmer intelligent enough to understand what I need! What should I must check, during interview/discussions with such a rogrammer?

Visual C++ can fulfill you business oriented results and your desires. But to get the potential out of a telecommuter Visual C++ programmer you needs to insure:

  • S/he have 2+ years of classic Visual C++ programming experience
  • If you're interested in e-commerce capabilities then make sure s/he has exposure of such website development life cycle with online payment and cart development, if you need.
  • S/he has 1+ year of database design and dynamic website development experience.
  • S/he is creative, out of the box thinker with ability to add her/his creativity for better project design & development
  • View her/his dynamic website portfolio of Visual C++ projects on the internet

When you're opting to have dedicated Visual C++ programmers from a development company, these are few things you should keep in mind. Do look for quality standards that company adopted in their processes and employees practices. Normally, development firms have their own coding style and standards set by there management. But if you like to have your standards followed by the team, they should be flexible to adopt.

What saving I could expect to have, if I will hire dedicated Visual C++ programmers from Experts From India?

Experts From India Visual C++ programmers are neither freelancer nor part time employees; they all are full time employees of Experts From India, who will be allotted to work on specifically your project. You will pay for the work they do for you and that's all you have to pay! We'll take care of their skills, work stations, salary, HR, taxes and related issues etc as we do for other employees.

All our Visual C++ programmers have exhaustive industry experience and have hand one experience in various aspects of Visual C++ development. They are good in communication and understanding and have showed consistency in client requirements understanding by using their technical abilities, analytical power and creative skills to develop business-centric applications not just technological structures.

If we talk about planning and defining objectives, Experts From India developers always shown brilliant entrepreneurial logics and with their industrial expertise and programming exposure they've increased many clients' business bottom lines and expectations. They are bright, full of energy that can keep the organization growing and have always learning opportunities, abilities and go getter attitude.

Who you do the pricing? Do you have any example for me?

Experts From India offers a monthly rate card for Visual C++ programmers who'll work exclusively on your projects to complete tasks on expected time line. Hiring virtual/ telecommute programmers on full-time basis is highly flexible as in it can follow your development life cycle standards. You'll be provided with a competent Project / IT manager on his side and with you high involvement. This ensures to have your outsourcing venture with us highly successful and to meet your business objectives with cost savings.

This is a low cost solution and you'll have pillows in your budget with IP ownership. While the dedicated team will be working with you is highly flexible. They can start with any expertise level on the application. This gives you higher degree of control in your hands.

Tell me the difference between costs when I hire a programmer from India Vs in US?

One programmer in the US is currently paid about $80,000/year. In this amount you can have many offshore positions/ departments for application development. You could also work with a single programmer, including project design, database, development, testing and fixes.

How working with Experts From India will be cheaper?

The real cost to company for every employee is substantially more then just the salary and almost more than double of his salary. In addition to the salary, every company needs to make other statutory payments for each employee. For each role, there may be other infrastructure costs including but not limited to hardware, software, utility and space etc. that is always added as overheads or is bundled employee ownership cost.

Example a programmer who gets a yearly salary of $80,000. Total cost to the company is more than $150,000.

In a typical project, the analysis, architecture and design takes up approximately 15% of the time in terms of effort and costs approximately 20% of the total cost, project management takes up approximately 20% of effort and 28% of cost, and development and testing takes the remaining 65% effort and 52% of the cost. So in the case of get a team from Experts From India, you will not require to have all the services on a continuous basis. You may take just what you needed and as long as need exists. There may be minimum hour usage limits for some profiles.

As budgeting, a 12 man month project that would take appro. More than a year for your programmer in the US (costing approx. $120,000) can be completed in half time by a programming team in India, within an approx. total cost of $50,000.

At Experts From India you can opt to hire a single Visual C++ programmer or a team entirely dependent upon on your requirements and flexibility you are always looking for. Contact Us today with specific details of arrangement for you.

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