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Web Developer: A Continuous Learning Cycle for Successful Career

17 Aug

Website development industry is gaining popularity each passing day as it's a key pillar for the Internet technological advancement. Web developers are the engine that's drive the Internet. This is because without them, we could not be able to access the websites that we use each day.

Websites we use to shop, to get news and many other activities are designed by experienced web developers. A web developer is able to build, design, and implement all the websites in the Internet world.

Some of the interesting skills a web developer has include designing website's with different aesthetic features through use of technical techniques for effective running of the sites.

Web developer are skilled to use various web technologies and programming languages to implement features of applications, managing sites functionality, and developing websites integrated security measures. Because of the increasing growth in the sector, there is demand for more web developers for website designing and maintenance.

Having that in mind, below are the essential steps you need to follow in order to have a continuous website development learning cycle.

1. Are you passionate to be a web developer?

This is the first step in the websites development learning cycle. The most successful people in their careers are the people with passion of what they do. That's why you need to identify if you have the passion to be a web developer.

This is because web development is not a simple career which you can master the skills in a day because of its complex nature. This is not a career for people with faint hearts. It needs dedication and self-willingness. Identifying the passion that you enjoy developing websites is the first learning step to succeed in this lucrative career.

2. Choose a specialization

You want to be a successful websites developer? Right? But have ever asked yourself which type of web developer would you love to be? You know, web development have a lot classification, integration and elements. For instance you can either choose to be a back-end or front-end web developer or even both.

Back-end developers focus on developing and implementing problem solving measures and logics in a website. Back-end developers integrate website elements which are not visible to the users. Front-end developer focuses on the websites visual and designs which help the users to use and interact with the site easily.

3. Developing an action plan

Having an action plan to use every day is a great step to make sure you have a continuous learning cycle in your web development career. A good plan will dictates how much successful you will be as a web developer.

After deciding which languages you want to learn in websites development, you need to create a plan that you know you will be dedicated to. For example you can plan to learn CSS and HTML and designs fundamental in your first month. Then on the second month, you can plan to learn about basic and advanced JavaScript, websites creation using coding and so on. With such a plan, you will have time to learn, exercise everyday therefore making it possible for you to grow your career every day.

4. Action time

Action speaks rounder than words? Right? A web developer needs to be an action oriented person to be successful in this career. As we said earlier, you can't be an expert web developer in a day, which means you need to dedicated and be able to sacrifice your time to make it.

More action needs more time. Dedicated web developers create and sacrifices more time from their schedules so that they can be able to learn more about websites coding and development. More actions each day will help you learn more and sharpen your skills through applying what you already know.

Excuses and procrastination are killers of dreams. Avoid them like plague if you want to gain a continuous learning cycle in your web development career.

5. Motivation and discipline

This is a step that is very critical in your learning cycle as a web developer. Been motivated is a great thing, but without discipline motivation will only be temporary. Being a motivated and disciplined person will help you go on with your web development learning even if you don't feel like doing it. This is a great step to your successful story.

6. Contributing to free open source projects

Contribute to free online open-source projects to help you show case your web development skills. The good thing about this step is that in case you do a project well, you will be recognized by the web developers’ communities which will boost your credibility.

7. Be stubborn and firm

In web development career, web page developer faces some challenges especially when coding before they get experienced in the skills needed for the job. For instance, when you face a problem during coding, you don't have to give up.

Instead, you need to be stubborn and firm until you find the solution. Even though it might take sometimes to figure it out, at the end of it all, you will learn a lot from such a challenge. Through this, you will be able to be more efficient and effective in future project.

8. Creating an online portfolio

Creating a great online portfolio is still part of learning cycle. Many employers will like to see the results of your work. It’s always good to show case what you have done than saying what you can do. A portfolio with your projects will be your online resume. With a portfolio, you will be able to display your web development works that you have done successfully.

In addition, you will be able to test new tools and technologies and demonstrates your technical and coding capabilities. An online Portfolio will help you get potential employers who can hire you to offer the websites development services.

Final verdict

With keen observations of the above 8 steps in web development cycle, be ready to become professional web developers. Web development is an interesting career and it take's dedication and sacrifice to be successful. Happy coding!

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