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How to Find Website Programmers for a Startup Company in 2019?

27 May

When websites owners want their sites to perform specific tasks like taking credit card payment or processing orders, web programmers take care of the technical aspects. Programmers are translators, they use their programming language expertise to write the coding as well as the markup required to build website applications. Startup companies often face many hurdles before they can claim their spot in online space and their website design and development aspects play a big role. The startups have to work hand in hand with a trusted website programmer to create apps and database-driven or CRM-based sites. The programmers will help save time and assist with more technical bits in website development. That said, it is important you know ways to find and hire the programmer to ensure the projects sails smoothly. So, how do you go about it?

Determine what exactly you want to accomplish

The starting point in developing a website is to make clear what exactly you look forward to achieve. You need to define your project because unless you know what you want to accomplish, you will not know the kind professional to look for and what you should tell them.

If you are doing website changes, the common tasks are often in the design and coding or functionality. The design can be anything like redesigning the logo, the header image, or overhauling an entire page payout. It can even be something like adding design effects. When it comes to functionality and coding, it can involve aspects like adding a shopping cart, making changes in the management panel, or adding custom image slider. If you are developing a new website for your startup company from scratch, you will need a website programming professional knowledgeable in aspects like coding, use of programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

When you are clear about the things you want, and you jot them down in details, it helps eliminate hiring the wrong candidate, saves time upfront, ensures clarity for you and the candidate, and you get better estimates for the job. With the list of things to be done, you can screen the website programmer for hire to see if they are suitable to take up the project. Remember that different programmers specialize in different coding or programming languages and frameworks.

Determine the programming expert to hire

If you are building a full-stack website application meaning from user interface to the database, you will need someone with back-end and front-end coding skills. Look at what the programmer is knowledgeable at and experienced in. There are common web frameworks that are used to build full-stack web application and they include Ruby on Rails, Python, Django, Laravel PHP, and Sinatra. Laravel PHP, for example, can be used to create model-view architectures (MVCs) for your app. Django framework is used to build complex database-driven sites with help of Python. A JavaScript framework helps write powerful client-side functionalities while Ruby on Rails creates databases, web pages, and web services by conventions. There is no single candidate who can be said to be an expert in all frameworks, so you need to evaluate the various candidates depending on the type of project you have.

If you are building a server-side website app, you need to hire software programmers in India who have the right coding experience. There is a difference between client-side and server-side application. Client-side app has the code living within the browsers and responds to the input of the user while the server-side has the coding living on a server and responds to HTTP requests. The frameworks or languages used for server-side website coding include JavaScript-Node.js, Ruby on Rails, PHP, C#, Django, Python, SQL for db queries, and Java among others.

Look at the DNAs of the programmer

The DNAs are the working qualities or characters of a programmer or a web developer. A crucial thing you want to evaluate is how the programmer executes their work. Is he or she the right individual to hire for the programming task of your website? There are key markers that spell out whether a programmer is your choice or not.

For example, when you ask them about a particular problem, they give multiple solutions. This means that they are crafting coding solutions. For instance, if you ask them about coding for a shopping cart to be added to your site, they will give multiple coding frameworks to use. They can also work on the code to make cart appear much better on a website page. The programmer also needs to document their solution. You can describe a small coding problem and ask the programmer to write some code. If they code it correct or even go back to rewrite to make it look much better, then that would be an ideal professional to hire.

Look at projects the programmer has worked on

It helps to examine projects programmers have worked on previously. It will give a feel and test of what to expect when you finally give them the project. The programming expert may have code samples they have wrote or an online blog they developed. They may also have a portfolio of UX or website designs or a reusable widget and other code they did which have been used in various projects. When you look at the previous projects the programmer handled, you can have a limelight on what the finished product will be. At this point, you can choose to engage with them or drop them depending on the information you have gathered.

When you know what your web development program entails and you check these things, you can be able to find a programmer that works to your expectations. The pricing is another thing to consider. You need to determine whether the pricing structure – whether per page or entire website is comfortable for you. Often, different programmers will charge different prices depending on their level of expertise and the framework or programming languages they are knowledgeable in. A web programmer in India who knows much about back-end languages and front-end languages can code your site appropriately and introduce the apps and features you want.

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