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A Comprehensive Guide to Hire The Most Skilled Web Developers

12 Mar

In the past and even today, you can build your own website without needing the help of a web developer. There are many resources available that help teach you how to build a website and they even provide you with templates that you can tweak. A website such as websitesetup.org has been built on the principle that any person can create a website. While it’s true that you can build your own site, there are reasons you may want to hire a web developer. Content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Magento help people build sites by themselves. There are also website builders that help create sites using drag and drop elements. The reason you want to hire a dedicated website developer is to save you time and allow the developer to handle the technical bits of the website building process.

Why You Need a Web Developer

If you are building a website, you are probably confused as to whether to pay someone some bucks to build the site or do it yourself. The decision as to whether to hire a web developer or not is based on your budget- how much you’re willing to spend and the amount of time you have for the project. The complexity of the web building projects is also another factor and of course the level of experience you possess in regard to building websites. A small startup that is just rolling off may need to have a simple site to put across their brand message and say who they are. If you decide to choose a website developer, you will benefit in different ways. The developer saves you time and you can focus on your business chores.

The website development company helps you create a custom and visually pleasing website that is unique to your business. You don’t want your business site to look like many other sites you see every day. You need something unique and this is why custom design comes in handy. A developer helps build a site that is attractive, organized, optimized, and unique to your business. The unique look of the sight coupled with modern design and brand identity makes the site to be visually pleasing to the users.

Another reason you want to hire a web developer company to work on your website building projects to take advantage of the new technology. Web developers always keep pace with current technology – they know the trending technologies and will apply them to your site.

A developer sets up the site’s system so that it’s easy to manage meaning you will not need to go back and forth to the developer to ask a question or get a solution to a problem. Having control over a website is something important because you know how to manage it without needing to go to the backend.

Developers look at various elements before they design a site. For example, they check on the competition and create a site that has a great design while also being highly functional compared to other striking sites within your industry. Since it can be difficult to deliver a message, a developer knows exactly how it is done by using unique colors and fonts. In online business, search engine optimization is very critical. Having an SEO friendly site becomes a crucial thing for if you want the website to rank high in SERPs.

How to Hire a Skilled Web Developer

It’s expected that in 2020 there is be over 1 million programming jobs not filled, but finding a great developer is difficult. If you have tried hiring a programmer for your startup, you can testify how challenging it was to find the right candidates.

Depending on your goal, you can have a full-time developer, a part-time developer, or a short term developer. Here we look at the steps you should take in order to hire a competent developer to handle your web design and other app development projects.

Identify your Project Goals

It’s important you know why you want to hire a developer in the first place. You cannot just wake up one morning and say that today you need a developer. Identifying the goals, milestones, and skills needed for your web development project helps you find the right cadre of developers. You may want to ask these questions when you are seeking a developer – do you need backend, frontend, or full-stack developer? What skills should the developer possesses for instance PHP and React Native? How quickly do you need to hire a developer and how long you’re going to need that developer? Also, ask yourself whether you have a project manager or CTO.

Types of Web Developers

You will need to specify the type of developer you are seeking. Different types of developers exist including web designers, front end developers, backend developers, full-stack developers, in-house developers, and others. When it comes to a web designer, he or she works on the aesthetic aspect of the website. He chooses the site’s color palette, the typography, and other visual elements of your business brand. Web designers may also be familiar with things like user interface or user experience aspects of a website. They use their expertise to help in creating a fantastic user experience that allows your visitors to remain hooked onto the site.

  • With frontend developers, they are client-side developers since they work on the visual design and turn it into a functioning site whereby users are able to interact and see code. Frontend developers use technologies like JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages. They should also understand frameworks such as Foundation, EmberJS, Angular JS, Backbone, and Bootstrap. The frameworks ensure that the content looks great. In addition, frontend developers need to know about libraries such as LESS and jQuery that help in packaging code and turning it to a more useful and time-saving form.
  • Backend developers work on the functionality of a website. For example, if you want to include a form on your website where users than key in their information or they can subscribe or opt-in, then the backend developer is going to build the functionality of those actions. Backend developers work using different languages including Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and Java. They need also to be familiar with Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server to help find, save, and change data.
  • With full-stack developers, they are professional that work on backend and frontend elements of a website. They are specialists in both stacks and have a wide knowledge that allows them to connect the two stacks to have a functioning website. Working with a full-stack developer ensures that you have an entire flow of the web building project done by one single expert.

After you have identified the type of developer to look for, you should consider how you are going to hire them.

Hiring the Developer

Depending on your project and your web development goals, you may have a remote developer, an in-house developer, or even a freelancer developer. Each of these developers has their own pros and cons and you should evaluate them properly. A short term project may require you to source for a freelancer developer, however, if you are going to need a developer every other time, then in-house one is your choice. For a one time project, you can choose a remote developer. Freelance developers charge per hour or they may charge per project. You can have freelance developers if you want to add some new features to your existing website.

In-house developers tend to fully integrate into your company as well as its culture. Your employees won’t feel out of the loop with issues pertaining to web building as already you have a developer with you. An in-house developer allows direct feedback and easier communication, but there comes the cost element which seems to hinder for many small businesses. Giant companies may afford to employ in-house developers, but for small businesses, it may be difficult and financially demanding.

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If you have a large scale web building project that needs constant updates, it would be best if you go for a full-time developer – either remote or in-house. There is the cost of office space rental, purchase of hardware and tools as well as payment of the developer benefits and salary. A remote developer becomes the right choice when you want to access global talent.

With web building, much of the work can be done remotely provided there is some way of communication and collaboration. In fact, you can have different web development teams working from different geographical areas on one project, but they collaborate and communicate using the available tools. If you want a technology that features few developers, you may want to go remote. Hiring remotely allows you to access a larger pool of talents thus allowing you to get a perfect fit developer for your specific project.

Again, remote developers allow you to save cash – you can find qualified developers who charge less than your location meaning you save a lot. In addition, since the developer isn’t working from your business premises, you eliminate the associated costs – purchase of tools and equipment, renting of office space, payment for employment benefits and other related costs.

A dedicated web developer needs to understand your website development needs and has the skillsets or the soft skill to work on the project. Look for a developer that you are comfortable working with and is highly communicative. Let the developer deliver a piece that will reflect the face of your brand – it’s attractive, responsive design, and SEO friendly.

Where to Find the Best Website Developers

There are various platforms where you can hire a remote developer and they include Upwork, Remoteplatz, Freelancer, Toptal, Indeed, Craigslist, AngelList, Guru, 66designs, Outsourcely, WP Curve, Codeable, Dribble, and Stack Overflow Jobs or even LinkedIn. There are also wed developer companies that work as standalone businesses and they offer everything coding and programming including app development, website development, and software development.

What it Takes to Be a Great Software Developer

All developers aren’t created equal. There are newbie developers, average developers, seasoned or great developers. A great developer won’t mind going an extra mile to solve a complicated issue. Such a developer is curious and has an analytical mindset. In addition, a seasoned developer learns new technologies and skills to remain in line with emerging and new trends. Programming languages are changing, new features are being introduced, and if a developer does not pace up with those developments, they lag behind and may not be able to solve complex web development projects. What separates a seasoned developer from an average developer is the mish mashing of soft skills and technical expertise. This combination helps developers excel on a global scale within the web development industry or the programming and coding industry.

It’s during the interview stage where you pinpoint or identify the right developer from a pool of applications. When seeking a website developer ensure that they possess great communication skills. Communication is very paramount – you can’t do without it web design and development. You will need teams to collaborate or even have feedback about the site you are building from users and pass across the message to the coders or developers. The developer should also be a problem solver and able to tackle complex coding problems. You may employ a live coding challenge to help test the candidate’s ability to solve coding problems instantly. Teamwork and experience are other qualities to seek from a developer.


Hiring the best website developer goes a long way in ensuring that you have a site that performs, free of bugs, and is attractive to the audiences. You have a site that loads fast and has great user experience and user interface. Nowadays, you don’t have to break a bank to pay for your web development project. If the developers within your areas are costly, you can choose more affordable remote developers that offer quality website development services at a cheaper rate. This way, you will save bucks. A website developer India team can work on your website building project using the most modern technologies and tools. Depending on what kind of site you want – whether an eCommerce site or just a branding site, you can have it divered by the team. You need to choose the developer teams wisely so that you are not frustrated in the end or somewhere along the way. Look for a team that has proper collaboration tools so that you can communicate effectively throughout the build, design, dev, testing, quality assurance (QA), and deployment stages.

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