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Which Tech Jobs Pay Best?: DevOps, Data Scientist or Python Developer

11 Oct

Tech jobs are luring many people to considering taking higher education and college degrees in those field. As the technological field continues to advance, the jobs opportunities seem to be attracting steep competition. Depending on the job market and the location, you may find that developers, DevOps engineers, and data scientists get varying salaries. Comparing how these professionals are paid gives a limelight on which area of career to focus on. However, you need to remember that the technology field is changing very fast and what may be a hot job today may not be some five or ten years to come. You need to carry out your research properly and ensure you make the right career projections. Being a software developer provides you a window of opportunities to sample out the many jobs available in the market. As a Python developer, for example, you can take projects in artificial intelligence and development of apps and software.

Digital Tech Jobs Salaries in the UK

In a report that was published by the Digital Economy Council of the UK government, it indicated that software developer position was the most highly advertised job having more than 130,000 ads for the job done in 2018. Software developer attracted a median salary amounting to £39,430 with London paying the developer £55,000.

The second common tech role was Front end developer with a job listing of 30,000 in UK and a media salary of over £35,000. The Front end developer was paid £50,000 in London. When we look at IT systems architect role, it was the most paid role in the list fetching a salary of a whooping £77,500 within London. The median pay packet for IT systems architect job was also impressive standing at £63,000 overall. The DevOps engineer was the second most paid role attracting a salary of £67,000 in London.

According to the report by the Digital Economy Council, tech jobs continue to expand outside of London with cities like Cardiff, Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield forming their smaller tech clusters.

In Edinburg, about 48,118 individuals are employed in the tech sector with salaries that are considered almost 15 percent higher compared to the national average. In Reading, the figures are 100,507 individuals in the tech sector with salaries 8.11 percent higher in relation to the national average.

In Belfast, over 60,000 people are employed in the digital tech sector having salaries that are 17 percent higher compared to the national average.

The report estimates that about 2.1 million individuals work within the digital tech sectors. In addition, 10 percent of the people in five UK cities including Belfast, Newcastle, Cambridge, and Oxford are employed in the sector. About 50 percent of the working population in Cambridge is said to be employed within the digital tech sector, according to the report.

The demand for application developers continues to rise as businesses seek to develop apps that they can use in their business environments. Companies seeking to hire expert Python developer teams want the best. It is important that people who want to take up jobs in the programming sector attain the right training and qualification. They also need to identify the challenges the coding environments experience, for example, issues of app vulnerabilities and security loopholes that not only threaten their coding activities but also the finished app and software products they deliver to their customers.

Digital Tech Jobs Salaries in US and Around the Globe

According to data derived from Pay Scale and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it indicates that a DevOps engineer with education of Bachelor’s degree received a median salary of $91,320 in 2017. In the same year, Data Scientists holding a Master’s degree had media salary of 91,504.

If you have studied computer science or are thinking to step into a career in programming, software development, or technology, you may want to learn more about the market trends including the job creations and salaries offered in different locations.

In the US, on average, a specialist in machine learning and a Data engineer or scientist fetches around $110,000 to about 120,000. The demand for these specialists is also huge, so if you have the educational background and experience, you want to join the teams in solving real-world problems in the tech environment.

The Data Science job is a much-hyped career, although it is touted as among the most exciting jobs of the decade. Data Scientists have an average salary of about $100,000 which is much better when compared to application developers such as a Java developer or dedicated Python developer.

DevOps specialists are in high demand too with much focus on automation. These professionals mostly deal with automation and monitoring within software development ranging from integration, prototyping and testing to deployment. On the global scale, DevOps professionals earn around $100,000 which is considered the highest salary among the various kinds of programming job positions.

Comparing Python Developers, Data Scientists, and DevOps Engineers

Looking at the statistics, it can be argued that Data Scientists are more paid than DevOps and Python Developers. DevOps follow Data Scientists closely with Python Developers taking the third position in this group. While Data Scientists may not be the most highly paid tech and IT professionals, they are in the top positions commanding better pays that the apps developers and DevOps.


Computer professionals are always curious about what salaries their fellow experts earn. You will hear Developers complaining that QA experts are getting better salaries than them, you will also hear the QA experts saying the programmers are being paid more and having less work to do.

Well, despite these kinds of feelings, the technologist line of career is one that is diverse with many factors affecting the pay scale. In some cities and geographical regions, we have certain computer professionals being paid more than others. There are variations in the job pays within different regions and cities and when professionals are seeking careers in these fields, they need to consider weighing those factors.

With the popularity of Python framework, many companies want to hire Python developer team to help with their app and software development projects.

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