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The Good and the Bad of Symfony Web Development

21 Aug

Many developers and programmers have shown great interest in websites and applications development in recent years. It's in this era whereby Internet technology is transforming every sector in the economy.

Internet innovation has contributed to growth of web development industry. For a website or application to work efficiently and properly, web developers’ needs to focus on using the frameworks with proper functionality and reliability like Symfony PHP framework. This is a web development software that ensure faster and correct response to user's requests. Today, more than 80% of all world websites are built with PHP framework programming language.

Symfony rank's among top 3 of the most famous and popular PHP framework. Basically, Symfony Programmers experiences and website building complexity are some of the factors that affect which PHP a web application should be built on. For instance, a web application can be designed using a pure PHP.

A PHP framework is a collection of reusable programs that will help a developer to accomplish certain tasks during software applications development. This implies a framework is the foundation for a website or application development. Developers use frameworks to structure websites features modules.

Symfony framework was released in 2015 and since then it has gained a lot of popularity among one of the reliable and best PHP framework. This has made it a favorite framework among many enterprises for their website development projects. To be able to understand Symfony better, below are advantages and disadvantages a Symfony developer can get when using this PHP framework.

Time saving

The most essentiality of Symfony framework is to make work easier to the developers. For instance, while using Symfony, a developer can use 1 day to write a code in which he/she could have used 3 days to write the similar code without the framework. The saved time can be used to do other productive development activities.

Easy to maintain

Use of Symfony development framework when building a website or an application improves their structures and functionality. The improved functionalities are easy to maintain when issues arise with the developed website.

Also, it will be easy to add a new developer in a team since there will no complexity in maintenance of the website as they are simplified with the Symfony framework. In addition, the framework written codes are proven and clear which reduces the rate at which a developer can make mistakes.

Offers improved security

These framework components are supported by timely upgrades to improve the security of the websites or applications under development. This makes it a preferable framework for web development projects.

Highly flexible

Flexibility is a critical element in a web development project for the proper running of an application or a website. Symfony is designed with incredible features that give it maximum flexibility. It bundle of components includes plugins, style sheets, PHP files, Images, JavaScript and many others features.

The main feature of the bundle is that they are decoupled. It's easy to reuse and reconfigure the components to build many websites and applications. This will therefore, help you as a developer to reduce the costs you incur during a project development.

The generic features reduce the time you take to perform routine tasks. Symfony has approximately 30 components during a development process. The components can be used independently or be combined with custom modules of your own without any effect on the architecture.

When components and bundles are joined together, they help the developer to eliminate strict architecture dependencies. This minimizes number of dependencies which then make it easier for developers to make changes without breaking other important parts of the system. Through this scenario, you will be able to create a more flexible application.

Symfony is a commercially supported framework

The company that develops Symfony is highly supported commercially. Sensiolabs has a great reputation in their products and this makes this Software popular. The company usually provides certification and tutorials to the clients using Symfony. Symfony development company has a great scale of seriousness when offering the software services to its clients.


This is a software that has proven it reliability since it was released to the market. It has been functioning properly without failure and that's why the software is supported by many enterprises. Symfony components are still used by other platforms offering framework services such as Magento, Drupal, EZ publish etc.

Efficient Testing

For a stable running of application and a website, every single code you run need to be tested for bugs. Symfony provide efficient testing due to its ability to reuse bundles, and dependencies absence. The components ensure that the applications have been developed in a great design patterns for efficient testing.

Disadvantages of Symfony

Since there is nothing which is perfect, below are some of the disadvantages of using Symfony


Despite it great functionality, Symfony has been associated with quite low performance especially for the real-time high load applications which occurs when many users are using a website or applications at the same time.

This challenge commonly occurs to the websites using a PHP of 5.6 and below. So, to improve your Symfony integrated website or application performance, you need to change your PHP from 5.6 to 7.0 to make them faster.

Take's time to build and launch

Since Symphony uses design patterns that's need a lot of skills and technical know-how, it may take quite longer time to complete and launch. For instance, creating application code for other systems parts. Although, the features are very helpful when using the applications after launch, they consume much time at the design stage.

Requires dedication and sacrifice to master the skills

To be a successful Symfony developer, you will need to be dedicated and sacrifice more time for you to get all the concepts behind this framework. Since it's one of the most stable and reliable PHP framework, it comes with quite hard to learn skills which need dedication and more effort.

Final verdict

Symfony is a great, reliable, PHP framework known for its significant performance. Symfony is framework of its own kind. To be a successful and dedicated application builder, you will need to have the right Symfony web development skills.

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