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6 SEO Tips For Drupal Store Owners

04 May

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS solutions available in the markets in terms of SEO. It allows you to create clean and precise code, protect you from content duplication and spam issues. Other than this, it is extremely user-friendly and also easy to integrate with different third-party tools. However, if you still feel the need for any technical help in setting up your store, you can always hire Drupal developer in India.

These benefits can only be of use if you utilize the power of your Drupal store website fully. In order to achieve that, it is crucial to keep your website optimized for getting higher search queries and traffic via popular search engines. Here are 6 SEO tips for Drupal store owners to make the most out of their platform:

SEO Checklist

In order to rank your Drupal store higher, following an SEO checklist is the first task that you must focus on. An SEO checklist allows you to organize your task list for following best SEO practices in a structured manner. When you hire a Drupal developer and Drupal experts to help you create your store, they will also first advice you to follow the SEO checklist thoroughly. The SEO checklist module by Drupal is updated on a regular basis with the latest techniques that you should follow. It will help you keep a close eye and tracks the timestamps of all tasks.

Pay attention to UX

When someone lands on your e-commerce website store for the first time, what do they notice? The design and experience of course. This leads us to the conclusion that the UX of your website can either help you gain a lot of new customers or you might even lose some of them if it is confusing and not attractive. When your products are ready for the market and you prepare a marketing strategy to bring more people to your website, the success of your strategy depends totally on how the overall customer experience goes.

According to the latest algorithms of Google, it also keeps track of the number of pages that a user views along with the amount of time for which he/she stays on your website page. With this, it calculates the indication of customer satisfaction on your website. In order to retain customers on your Drupal store, you should hire a Drupal web developer who also holds the understanding of user experience and helps you decide the right design strategy.

XML Sitemap

An XML sitemap allows search engines to gain useful insights about your Drupal store website pages. The basic functionality of an XML sitemap is to create files on your server along with links of all your website pages. A sitemap will help search engines to crawl your website in a structured manner. Apart from keeping the search engine results updates, an XML sitemap will also provide the needed insights about the individual pages of your website.

Keep the Updates Rolling

Another important SEO tip for your Drupal store is that you should not keep your website pages static at all times. Regular content updates make your website more noticeable. This content could be anything ranging from blogs, case studies, customer testimonials, product reviews, social media updates, etc. Keeping your website dynamic will help it to get crawled often by Google.

You can also redesign your website with a fresh perspective in order to allow people to engage more with it. This way, more and more people will be able to notice your store which, in turn, will give an impression to the search engines that it is an active website.

Site Verification

Thinking about getting ranked on search engines isn’t the first thing that you need to pay attention to. Instead before working on the optimization part of your Drupal site, you’ll be required to confirm and verify the ownership of your site. In order to learn the importance of all these modules and prerequesties for a successful Drupal store, you can also hire a Drupal web developer who can help you personally

The site verification module allows you to do that by making the overall process much quicker and simple to implement. This module is suited to be used for different search engine verifications along with Google Webmaster tools.

Apply Meta Tags

Meta tags are one of the most essential features for an optimized SEO strategy. Meta tags are nothing but snippets that contain text that allow Google, your audience and other social sites to understand what the web page is actually about. Different pages of your website will have different meta tags associated with them.

Meta tags will help your website to communicate easily with the search engines and this way, they’ll be able to place your website and pages as results on relevant keyword research related to them. Drupal experts for hire can help you to understand which types of metatags will be most suitable for your Drupal store.

For a better understanding, read the below points to understand what the meta tags actually do.

  • The Metatag is an important module of SEO which allows you to share title tags and metadata (text which contains information about your website/ web page)
  • With the Metatag module places the HTML title tag, as well as the meta tags, on the header of your web page.

The above process allows your website’s pages to render faster thus helping it with SEO.

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