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How to Humanize your Instagram Business Account?

21 Oct

One of the largest and fastest growing social media channels, Instagram is the preferred network of young audience. Businesses have embraced the use of Instagram as a social network of sharing visual stories of their brands, which helps humanize the brand’s tone and messaging. When companies want to make their brand come alive, they humanize it. A digital marketing company can help with humanizing your Instagram page content.

Humanizing involves conveying the image of a brand in a way that makes the fans relate with the business on a personal level. It is a strategy that can help brands in the travel, fashion, and beauty industries. It’s also useful for other businesses. Even if your audiences are not young people, they may become your future customers or employees, so you need to build a positive perception with them. Instagram provides a real engagement and conversation. It allows businesses reach audiences easily and acquaint them with brand feature.

So, how can you create you make the audience have a personal relationship with your brand?

Use photos of people working in your company

It’s important that you consider using real photos of employees in your company if you want to create a personal engagement. This is something that many companies tend to overlook. Most people love associating with businesses that show their staff. Try to post real photos of the workers to help humanize your brand. Take photos of special events your company hosts whether a fun day, outing, or celebration and share the photos with audiences on your Instagram page.

When audiences see those photos, they imagine being part of that celebration or special event and they begin sharing their views. This engagement brings the customers to a personal level and they don’t feel like they are left out in the conversation. Ask the workers to share their stories and comment about the photos or the event.

The audiences are able to see the men and women behind the beautiful products of the company they use from the Instagram page photos. Humanizing your business helps build trust and promote loyalty with customers. You can use professional digital marketing services to help in humanizing your Instagram account so that it has a personal touch.

Let your employees be your brand promoters

Encourage your employees to have Instagram accounts that relate to your company. It should be a different account from the employees’ personal Instagram accounts. The workers can even pull the fans on their personal Instagram pages to visit the pages related to the company. This allows your workers to be your brand advocates and promoters.

Let the employees build connections and grow their fan base. Ask them to engage with other people and spread the word about the brand. The workers can express how happily and proud they feel about the company they work in. Customers have more trust in companies that make their employees happy and product, and it’s even better when audiences here the employees stay that in Instagram pages. The downside with this strategy is that some workers may want to express their political views from the Instagram pages intended for brand awareness. This can bring about negative effects to your brand. To avoid these problems, you need to set clear guidelines on what kind of conversations and stories need to be shared on the Instagram account for the company.

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Also, encourage the workers to always state that the views and opinions they give do not reflect those of the brand they are representing. It is likely that some workers won’t be interested in serving as brand promoters for your company, it is important you encourage them and educate them on how crucial it is for them and the brand they serve. Hire digital marketing services to help find out how you can personalize your business Instagram account to engage your fans appropriately.

Have content with personality

Use content that has personal touch and connection. The quality of the content needs to be supported with personality so that audience can easily connect with the brand. You will find that from the first few sentences, audiences can tell whether you are struggling to be smart or not. The content that is posted will determine if the audience will continue reading or abandon the page. Also, the content needs to demonstrate your commitment and understanding of the customers. You need to show that you know what the customers are looking for in your brand. Content that has personality touch creates confidence and shows that you have the industry knowledge. Promotional and generic content need be avoided.

Tell stories

A great way to humanize the brand is by telling stories. You need not just share stories promoting the services and products your company offers, but share motivational and inspiring stories that help boost the morale of audience. Adding that human element in the stories helps grow the audience. It’s also helpful if you share stories about your brand failures and how you overcame the challenges. The fans will have a deeper connection by understanding that you have gone through ups and down to take your brand to the level it is now.

Use humor

If you want your audience to connect with your brand on Instagram, you need to share stories with humor. People want to laugh, so when you tell stories about the brand, don’t be so formal in conversations. Use humor to help the fans have fun. When using humor, ensure that you have control – don’t go overboard. Maintain fun and share good stories. Make sure that the humor you are presenting isn’t offending other people or the fans.


When developing your Instagram company profile, ensure that you communicate in a style that reflects the personality of your brand. Many companies tend to dwell on visual aspects and elements of their brand, and while this approach fits with the social media channel, there is need to have personality. You want to make the followers to relate and embrace your brand’s Instagram the same way they are able to relate with you when you invite them to your personal Instagram account or the same way they interact with you at home. Humor, personality, sharing stories, and using real photos on the company’s Instagram page can help greatly to humanize your brand. When you hire digital marketer, they will help you with your social media marketing needs.

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