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Reasons Why Ruby on Rails is a Pitch Perfect Back End Technology

14 May

The importance of back-end applications can be derived from the fact that they act as the foundation for delivering a front-end experience. No matter how visually stunning an application looks, its functioning has to be smooth in order to give the end-user the best experience. For any application, the back-end part of it deals with the business logic, interactions with data, calculations and overall performance.

In order to make an application run, you need to create a code for its back end. Meaning that this code will be responsible for interacting with the server rather than the client. Therefore, a back end developer must have the knowledge of all the aspects such as the programming languages, databases as well as the architecture on the server side. If all of this is not taken care of, the application will run slow and might crash often thus, delivering a poor experience for the end-user.

Ruby is a preferred programming language to be used for writing the back-end code. Since the major functionality of the application is coded on the back-end, the code needs to be in an understandable format. Ruby allows dedicated Ruby On Rails developers to work efficiently considering the ease of writing code easily.

What is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails, also referred to as RoR commonly is an open-source framework for writing code for websites in Ruby. Ruby is a programming language and the framework that is provided for coding is called Rails hence the name Ruby on Rails. A framework provides support for the programming language as it consists of several pre-written features. You can hire a Ruby On Rails web developer to create websites in by coding in Ruby and using the prewritten features provided by Rails.

The pre-installed and ready to use functions of Ruby language that can be used as plug-ins on the go are called “Gem.” These prevent you from writing the code of any repetitive function again and again. Gems allow you to install a pre-written feature and use it directly in your application code rather than writing it again.

With these features of RoR, it has become extremely easy for businesses to roll-out MVPs before their clients. And once these MVPs are approved, the RoR web developers can work on the main application. This saves a lot of time for businesses and allows you to work on their software creation process faster.

Why Choose Ruby on Rails for Backend Development?

Using Ruby on Rails for back-end web development is a great option for executing projects at high speed and accuracy. You can do that by hiring an RoR programmer who can make use of the clean framework and a wide variety of components that come along with it. Moreover, the RoR community is large and highly active so if your team faces any issue in the middle of development, they can easily get help.

One of the most important factors that a developer has to consider while creating a website is that he/she should deliver software that easily communicates with the frontend and helps in smooth data transitioning. RoR is a proficient framework that allows you to create web pages of high quality that are appealing for businesses as well as easy to create for the web developers. The pre-packaged functionalities and set of codes that come with it make it even more appealing for backend development.

From a programmer’s point of view, Ruby on Rails leads the way ahead of Python (one of its rival programming language) as it provides entirely different ease of coding and satisfaction for the programmer. The dynamic programming language allows the development process to be more profitable and speedy. Ruby fulfills the expectations of developers by providing a full-stack system which allows all the important elements needed to implement effortless programming.

Ruby on Rails developers in India prefer the language for backend development as it is simple and efficient to use. Moreover, the level of flexibility offered by RoR is unbeatable and this also allows developers to save more resources, time as well as efforts which can be invested in some other aspect of a business. Being an open-source framework makes Ruby on rails the preferred choice of entrepreneurs as well.

Along with flexibility, the RoR framework is an excellent choice for developing high-quality software with fewer risks associated along with it. The availability of pre-built libraries allows them to use the same piece of code as and when needed. It also promotes testing automation which allows the delivery of a better quality software product. One more advantage that RoR holds is for the designers. It provides a template system for web designers which allows them to design websites in a more appealing manner.

RoR is also well known for its stability and predictability when building backend websites. It allows RoR developers to easily make modifications in the existing code and add new features to the website. Long-term projects can particularly be benefited by this as they often require updates in them and even if a new developer is assigned for an update on an RoR project, he/she can easily manage it as the language is very easy to understand.


If you’re a startup working on a planned budget and quick deadlines, picking the right tools for your business’s growth is even more important. Choosing Ruby on Rails for backend development provides you with an excellent choice for delivering great software projects.

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