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Why NopCommerce is Best CMS for Multi-Vendor E-Commerce

05 Jun

Nopcommerce is one of the well-structured e-commerce development solutions and the best thing about it is that it can fit the needs of everyone. E-commerce is becoming the need of many manufacturing or retail businesses and this is one of the largest groups around the globe. To cater to this demand, web developers have become one of the highly sought out service providers today. Web developing companies have, therefore, started to offer good and better e-commerce development solutions.

The big question is, with very many e-commerce website builders why should you go for NopCommerce? Here is why.

It Is Built On Dot Net Core

It is developed on Microsofts Dot Net Platform and, therefore, it is constantly upgraded to the next Dot Net framework available. Since its release, it has been so far upgraded to Dot Net Core MVC, and this is the latest version offered by the software gurus, Microsoft. Dot Net Core is also an open source and has a lot of benefits to offer other frameworks. It is also cross-platform and this means that any application built on it will also run on multiple platforms. However, its current version is still not cross-platform yet. It is also very cost effective.

Ready for Mobile Commerce

Any players in the e-commerce industry will attest to the fact that it is important to have a mobile commerce-friendly platform. Mobile sales contribute the highest percentage of all digital sales. A huge population of people across the globe visit online stores through their phones or tablets and the numbers are expected to rise. Any NopCommerce developer is aware of how important this is. NopCommerce is a mobile-ready E-Commerce development solution. It also offers various well-designed responsive templates. In other words, your website can open in any mobile device almost immediately without the need for any development of add-ons.

It Is An Open Source Platform

NopCommerce is free. You can easily download the code and work on it to suit your requirement. This might prove difficult if you have no idea of what you are supposed to do and that is where you will need to hire NopCommerce developer. It has no license, monthly, or any lump sum fees. In as much as it is free, it will still require support and updates. This is why it is backed up by a team of trained developers and designers who will worry about the digital aspect of it all to ensure that it is always running smoothly as you concentrate on growing your brand. The good news is that no one can lock you out of it.

Smooth Payment Process

It has a streamlined payment process which can also keep in mind the bounce rate on checkout. The process is customized to improve the conversion rate by offering only the best user experience for your online customers. The payment and checkout process can be able to support cash on delivery, accept all major credit cards, support various payment methods like PayPal, ogone, Eway, Amazon, and many more, support refunds, support all phone orders, accept PDF receipts, support SSL, support weights and measure configuring options. All these and many more are possible with it.

SEO friendly

SEO is very important in any e-commerce website and NopCommerce has a comprehensive one to offer its users. The store owner has access to keyword tags, sitemaps, and customized URL’s. it understands the importance of SEO and that is why it also offers XML and HTML sitemap support, microdata, breadcrumb navigation, URL localization and canonicalization, and also Google Analytics integration.

It Is Manageable, Flexible, And Easy To Customize

It has a .NET based platform, and this is common among web developers and is easy to work with. The NopCommerce administration panel is quite flexible and also offers the user various customization options without the need to change any line of code. It also has a pluggable modular architecture that permits the developers to add any features and elements they want as it runs. You can easily select add-ons, modules and design your website to be more appealing to your shoppers. With it you can be able to define 60 properties of one product and this translates to a profound detailing of the product.

Easy to Scale

It is not only for the small store but also for big stores that sell millions of products or those that have thousands of orders in a day. It can be hosted by cheap solutions like SmarterASp as well as others that are more pricy like Azure cloud. Its availability of integration takes it to another level by integrating it with Apache Solr. This improves the quality of the search and also makes it work efficiently no matter the number of products or the traffic on the website

Marketing Features

Marketing is the core of any business. This is why NopCommerce has a number of marketing features that can allow the website owner to connect with new customers and also retain the old ones. The marketing features include discounts and coupons, reward points system, subscriptions to newsletters, gift cards, product comparisons, news, content and blog pages, product review and ratings, and affiliate programs.

It Supports Multi Vendors And Drop-Shipping

If you are interested in running your e-commerce website like eBay or Amazon the NopCommerce is the best option that you can go for. It allows you to sell your products online without having to maintain ship orders or stock inventory. Once this feature is enabled, it will send an email to the respective vendors with every order made. The vendor can have access to the admin panel where they can manage their products and order shipment. If you have an idea of what online marketing entails they you can agree that this is a high-profit and low investment option.

NopCommerce is simply an answered prayer to e-commerce development. It has a lot to offer and is also amazingly cheap to get and manage. NopCommerce plugin development is the best thing that you can have. It will change the way you do your online business. You will run it smoothly as you watch it grow.

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