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Learn how can you make an ever challenging website with Ruby on Rails

07 May

Whether you are a newbie in the coding domain or you’re someone who already holds enough experience in the web development field, learning to create a website via Ruby on Rails is always a great option. You can either Hire Ruby On Rails Programmer or Ruby On Rails Experts in order to get your website project designed. But if you wish to create one by your own, we’d encourage you to give a try.

Ruby on Rails is suggested as one of the most comfortable options for fresher developers to start their career with as it is easy to comprehend and does not take a long time to get started with. But before getting started with the development process, you must learn about the details of RoR technology.

Introduction: Ruby on Rails

Many people think of Ruby on Rails as a programming language which is entirely false. Instead Ruby on Rails is an application framework that contains pre-written codes which can be used while developing the website. Ruby, on the other hand, is surely a programming language which is used in RoR framework.

For anyone willing to learn programming in Ruby and become Ruby On Rails developer in India, it is necessary for them to learn the Ruby language first before learning about the Ruby on Rails framework. The reason behind this is that learning about the Ruby language from scratch will allow you to tackle complex problems that occur while coding for a challenging website.

Why Ruby on Rails is a Preferred Option?

Due to the object-oriented nature of Ruby language and availability of the open source frameworks, Ruby is considered as one of the most powerful tools for creating web based applications. It is also easy to test which makes the project delivery even quicker. The Rails framework contains packages that can helo you to add different features and functionality in your website when coding in Ruby.

The Rails framework acts as a base to development on Ruby language and thus, provides it more power. Big companies such as AirBnb, Hulu etc work on Ruby on Rails framework as it is highly reliable in nature and can be used as an effective tool to code powerful software programs. Ruby on Rails is majorly used to do the back-end coding on website applications but it can also be used to develop the front-end of any web app.

Favourable Projects for RoR

E-Commerce Sites

E-commerce websites need to have a lot of functionalities and features while handling a large amount of user data at all times. They are also embedded with a lot of images to showcase a wide product range that the website has to offer.

Companies often prefer to Hire Ruby On Rails Developer for such projects as RoR serves as an ideal option to build e-commerce websites as it provides the facility of a powerful database. This database is used to store product images in large quantities along with their relevant description. An e-commerce website developed on RoR can also include payment integration options with interactive chat features.

Social Media Platforms

Another important area of application where Ruby on Rails can work its magic is social media platforms. As socila media platforms are huge and require the capacity of handle a lot of users at one time, developing them on Ruby on Rails can be a good option. You can get a lot of plugins for integration in your social media site when you code it in RoR. Moreover, the rich libraries of RoR can increase the project development speed.

Content Management System

Content Management Systems developed on RoR platform work smoothly as it provides easy scalability and smooth navigation options for web apps and websites. The RoR community is available for support at all times and the design of the CMS system can be made more flexible with Ruby on Rails.

Benefits of Developing Website on RoR

Easy to Learn

Ruby on Rails is often compared with the English language as it is that so simple and easy to to learn and comprehend. The domain-specific language used by RoR framework keeps the programming simplidies and helps the development team to work more efficiently.

Contains Rich Libraries

The rich source of libraries contained in RoR framework skyrockets the web development speed reducing it by 25-50% in comparision with other languages. While developing a project on RoR, one can easily maintain the flexibility and customization of the framework.

Clean Coding

RoR offers clean and simple coding options which allow you to track the root cause of problem, if any, occurs while deploying the code. Clean codes in RoR allow to easily understand the starting and end points of codes which in turn, benefits you when there’s any fixation issue.

Allows Testing Automation

The RoR framework allows the programmers to run quality checks on the code written by them. In the case of coding in other languages, this role is take care by another individual who is hired specifically for app testing purposes. RoR provides developers with the ability to run testing automation all by themselves. The three environments of RoR framework i.e. development, test and production assist in complete project completion.

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