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Have an Amazing App Idea? Here's What You'll Need To Do Next

24 May

You may have a great app idea, however, you do not know where to start or what to do next. Many businesspersons with immense ideas for apps may not have experience and the expertise to develop them meaning they have to get some understanding about the world of apps. There are online courses, eBooks, and mentorship programs about apps that can help you move forward with your idea. While these resources can help, you need to have a systematic way of putting forward your app idea and know which steps to take. It will require a lot of energy and time if you are going to make your app idea flourish and make your app business dreams come true. The good thing is that you can hire an expert in apps like Ruby on Rails developer in India to help you out and get things moving. That said, here are the steps to take:

Find a resource that will help you take the app idea further

First, you need to understand that there is a difference between an entrepreneur and app entrepreneur or an appreneur. The term “appreneur” is a new expression referring to entrepreneurs that build apps. Having an app idea without a technical background or without the knowledge of coding will be a hurdle to cross. You will need to learn to do coding. Probably you will want to market the apps, but that will mean skipping the development phase. With your app idea, it is paramount that you look out for resources that target the area of apps, and they should be actionable. This way, you will get adequate training to be an app entrepreneur even if you intend to hire Ruby on Rails web developer down the line.

When you’re done with the training - whether from reading an eBook or taking online courses, you will be on your road to becoming an appreneur. When looking for the right resource to help you train to be an appreneur, you need to check the specifications, author credibility, and reviews or testimonials. You may want to skip the trainings that provide the broader aspect of entrepreneur, and focus on specific app development as well as marketing knowledge if you are a non-tech founder. The credibility of the author is determined by their expertise in the field of app development. You can look at what kind of apps they have developed and what their profile says about their knowledge in the space of app developments. When searching for the resources, use the right keywords like app entrepreneurs, appreneurship, or successful mobile apps.

Network at apps startup events

Although you will find many startups events, not many may be worth attending, so you have to focus on those that help in building apps. A prominent blogger, Mark Suster, who is also a mentor and blogger pointed out that it is smart for an inspiring businessperson to selectively attend a few events, especially the ones that are likely to yield the biggest hit rates of linking with individuals that have the ability to change your business. Neil Patel, a prominent author, marketer, blogger, and entrepreneur also hinted that when attending a networking event, look at the list of attendees before registering to ensure that they are people smarter than you or are potential clients in your line of business. These people will help you learn about your business or startup, and that applies for the apps business startups too.

Hook up with great mentors

You are likely to hit a roadblock when working on your app, and this is where mentors come into play. No matter what amount of time you spend studying, reading, or networking with other individuals, you will encounter those moments of despair. Mentors can help you when you have problems pursuing your appreneurship goals. Although the mentors may not help specifically address your problem, they will help you learn how to tackle your situation. This way, they help foster your growth. When there are hiccups in starting and growing your app business, you will need someone you can turn to for help. Alternatively, you can seek help of dedicated Ruby on Rails developers to help iron out issues you have with building your app.

Call app experts at the right time

It’s not necessary that you know about coding and build your mobile app right from scratch. Even with apps for building apps for example, BuildFire, you may not succeed in building a tangible app. Yet, great app ideas can take some time to launch. In order to meet the deadlines and hasten the process, you may want to call in an expert in mobile apps for instance, you can hire RoR programmer to handle the core task, but make sure they come onboard at the right time.

Try or test your app (app prototyping)

Through mobile app prototype, you can try the app idea or test it out. It will help demonstrate or show how the app is going to work to target audience. A mockup demonstration of the app idea will show how it interacts and functions when users are navigating the different features of the application. App prototypes make it easier for the appreneur to determine whether customers are ready to purchase it. When testing the app, you don’t have to make all the features of the finished product available. You can work with the core features for the purpose of testing the app.

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Even when you don’t have an expert to handle every stage of the app development, you can hire one to take care of the app prototyping. It will save money and time, particularly if you don’t have the technical skills to create an app prototype. Try to hire Ruby on Rails web developer who is experienced and avoid the low-cost ones that can’t give quality results.

You can also develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the app to help test the idea before having the full product released. It will help deliver the core values of the app and begin hooking up audiences to the product even before it is released.

Think about the user experience

When developing the app idea, keep in mind your target audience. How will the audience interact with the app? Will they need help in using it? Does it feel natural or easy for them to use the app? A JMIR Human Factors conducted in 2018 found out that smartphone training could help seniors who are in the age of 65 to 85 understand the smartphone apps easier than those who didn’t have the training. For example, the elderly person may need large buttons when using your mobile app.

Put in place a marketing plan

Many appreneurs say that their app idea is great, however, the downloads are few. You need to let people know about your app before it’s ready. Marketing the app before launching it ensures that people know when it will be available and where to find it. You can use tools like push notifications, social media, and other channels to have the word out. You can feature social media ads on Facebook or Instagram to create awareness of the app.

Last but not least, keep on improving your app idea since you may not be the only one in the ring. There will be competitors chasing after you and unless you keep going and making better the app to users, you might be outperformed by the competitors’ apps. You also want to disrupt the market with free apps or features in the app that competitor apps charge. For example, you can run free trial of a new feature in the app that other apps sell to their audiences.

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