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Google Announces ADT-3 for Developers and Android 10 for Android TV

09 Jan

In this article, this is what you need to know.

  • Google has announced the Android 10 update for its Android TV platform
  • It has also launched the ADT-3, a developer oriented streaming media device.
  • Android 10 brings more secure storage with encrypted user data, faster performance due to TLS1.3, and general improved security to the Android TV platform.

Android is currently running on over 2.5 billion devices around the world. Most of these devices are smartphones. But there are millions of smartwatches, tablets, televisions and set-top boxes. Android for set-tops boxes(STBs) and TVs also referred to as Android TV, is much more controlled directly by Google than say Android for smartphones. TVs and STBs manufacturers as well as operators are not capable of modifying the core Android experience. Therefore, whatever is released with each new release of Android TV is what you expect to find on any given Android TV regardless of the manufacturer.

What is Android TV?

Android is steadily taking over the living rooms across the world. This is thanks to Google’s next big push of the Android application development.

Android TV is exactly what it sounds like- Android on your TV. With Android TV, you can download and run apps from the Play Store, login to all of your social media, use email, browse the internet and many more.

While Google’s Android TV platform still lags behind the likes of Samsung’s Tizen and LG’s WebOS in terms of market share, it has seen compelling growth in the recent past.

Android TV is similar to your tablet or smartphone in that, it will receive updates to the platform. This helps you to keep up with the latest features. Just like on smartphones, Android TVs can be rooted and modified.

What is Android 10?

Officially called Android 10, it is the next major version of Android that was launched September 3, 2019. The Android 10 update began rolling out fist on Google’s Pixel smartphones, including the original Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, Pixel 2xl, Pixel3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a XL.

Key Android 10 Update Features

  • Dark Theme

While you could hire android developer to bring this feature to your device, Android 10 promises to make this feature more consistent and easier to use.

With Dark Theme, Android takes dark mode system-wide, activating the app developer’s custom profile to help out apps without a dark mode by automatically giving them darker color schemes.

For some users, a dark mode is easier on the eyes especially while indoors.

  • Smart Reply

When you get a text notification on an Android TV or smartphone, Google wants the suggestions it prompts to be more useful. Smart reply will be available in all messaging apps and not just Google’s own offering.

  • New Privacy Settings

Google has revamped Android’s privacy setting in Android 10 and there is a new dedicated Privacy section in the setting menu.

Instead of having a blanket permission for all of your device’s storage, Android 10 update has separate permissions for videos, photos, downloads and audio. There is also a redesigned location permission which lets apps only pinpoint your location when you are actively using them, as opposed a simple on/off toggle. Android 10 also keeps important information about your device hidden from apps, for instance, your MAC address or serial number.

With the new privacy settings, your personal data is given added privacy. Android 10 privacy changes give you better chance of protecting your information from breaches or malicious apps you might have downloaded.

  • Live Caption

Previously, you could find automated captions on several apps such as MX Player, however, they only exist at the discretion of the app developer. With the Android 10 update, Live Caption feature bring subtitles to anything you play, such as videos, calls, podcasts and video/audio you have recorded yourself. All this is done by tapping on a relevant icon and doesn’t require internet connection. This will have a lot of benefits to users who are hard of hearing, it also come in handy when you want to watch something in mute mode.

Google announced a stable Android 10 update for smartphones back in September, but they held off on announcing the update for TVs. this was because the Android version for TVs operates under a different release schedule.

In the past, Android TV updates have always lagged behind updates for smartphones. This is set to change with Android 10. Google promised that it would roll out the update before the year ends. True to their word, google has announced the Android 10 update for Android TV.

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The new update brings the Project Treble to Android TV that aims to push out faster updates in the future. This is same project that has helped smartphone OEMs push out faster updates on their devices. However, just like the case is with smartphones, pushing out faster updates will still depend on individual OEMs.

Android 10 brings API level 29 and includes system-level features like TLS 1.3 support, Scoped Storage, Thermal API, and mandatory disc encryption among others. Project Mainline support will enable Google to serve updates to key framework components directly from the Play store without the need for OEM/operators to push an update. You need to know Google has only announced the Android 10 update for Android TV. However, it might take some time before you could enjoy the new features on your Android TV due to the discretion of OEMs we discussed earlier.

In the press release, Google did not point out to any Android TV-specific UX changes or new features. However, due to reduced OS fragmentation, Android TV doesn’t need a major OS update to introduce new experiences and features. This is unlike it is the case with Android smartphones. Android developers India can take advantage of Android 10’s new API by targeting API 29 in their apps.

ADT-3 Media Streaming Device for Developers

in order to have proper development of the platform, developers require a test device running the latest OS version. In 2018, ADT-2 was announced at Google I/O 2018 as a test device for the out-going Android 9 Pie.ADT-3 is the successor to ADT-2 that is meant to be the test device for Android 10. The ADT-3 is powered by a quad-core A53 processor, coupled with 2GB of DDR3 RAM, and the ability to output 4K@60 fps through an HDMI 2.1 output. The ADT-3 device comes pre-certified to run Google apps and services, and it is warranted to get timely updates and security patches from Google. The device goes for sale to any interested developer through an OEM partner in the coming months.

However, if still want the latest Android TV experience, you may have to get a third-party streaming device from Android application development company such as NVIDIA Shield or Xiaomi Mi Box.

Back in September, Google outlined a preview of the Android 10 OS release and their roadmap for the next two Android versions at the annual International Broadcasting Convention. The presentation was given to TV/STB manufactures, operators and content providers. The presentation provides a clear outlook of Google’s long-term plans for Android platform. It is clear that Google has invested a lot towards the success of their Android TV business.

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