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What Will Microsoft Web Development Be Like in 5 Years?

16 May

Microsoft web development has gained popularity through the Microsoft .NET development framework. It is considered as one of the most secure, flexible and robust frameworks for software development. With a variety of libraries and programming languages, .NET is the preferred choice of Microsoft development companies.

Another reason for the popularity comes from the fact that it allows programmers to create dynamic websites and applications via its simple framework. From the time of release (nearly two decades earlier) to the current time, a lot has changed in the Microsoft web app development world including the evolving .NET framework. There have been quite a lot of changes, enhancements and innovative updates that have opened a lot of new opportunities in the web development world.

Evolution of Microsoft .NET

Being one of the best frameworks introduced in the Microsoft web development .NET stays ahead in the line and is chosen as a priority by companies working on Microsoft web development in India. This doesn’t mean that the platform is stagnant. In fact, the .NET framework is constantly evolving and bringing out a new and even better version of itself.

In 2002, the first release of the .NET framework was introduced. Succeeding version updates have brought new technologies and improvements in it. Initially, the framework worked in a restricted mode as it supported only a few limited apps. Both managed and unmanaged applications were included in it but in the current time, the framework has evolved by including a vast variety of libraries.

In the current time, you can build any application of your choice on the .NET framework. The market share of the .NET framework is 15 percent and it is an open source platform which is still expected to grow in the coming years. Developers can stay assured about the growth as Microsoft is constantly working on reinventing their products and developer tools.

Features of .NET Core

The syntax of the .NET core is easy to read, learn and understand. Many developers who are working on other programming languages such as Java or C can easily switch to the .NET framework.

.NET framework is versatile in nature as it allows its templates to use Bootstrap layouts for the purpose of pulling in libraries from the client’s end. The versatile nature of the platform makes it a better investment for the developers who are willing to grow their careers in Microsoft web development companies.

The framework of the .NET core also contains features of modern languages. With steady yet progressive improvement, the ASP.NET stack has been modified to contain better features.

.NET also consists of a wide variety of amazing web development tools. For example, Visual Studio is considered as one of the best IDEs available for the developers as it helps them in editing code in an efficient manner. It also supports other features like profiling, debugging, integration with Git, etc.

The set of base class libraries available in the .NET framework is excellent. These classes are comprehensive and therefore, the need for including external packages is greatly reduced. Developers and companies providing Microsoft web development services prefer to use the standard frameworks as it allows smooth functioning and exchange between team members which eventually, increases the working speed.

Another feature that makes .NET a preferred choice for developers is that its open source. All the code is available of GitHub which can be seen, used and modified by anyone as per the requirement.

.NET in the Future

While .NET was introduced way back, it has come a long way. The current version of .NET is .NET Core which is managed and operated by the open source community at Microsoft. With progressive times, the platform is also open to changes and modifications.

Recently, Microsoft has made an announcement of introducing .NET 5 which is considered as the updated version of the existing .NET Core. The availability of .NET 5 can be expected around the end of the year 2020 and it is expected to be a unified platform which will allow exceptional software building capabilities across all the devices such as desktops, mobiles, tablets, and web browsers, etc.

The platform is also expected to include a majority of APIs, high-level and low-level libraries, components for run time, languages, multiple tools, and components. It’ll target different platforms including but not limited to Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, etc. It’ll also have the best of the features of .NET Core, Xamarin, .NET Framework, etc.


Microsoft web development services have gained popularity due to the .NET framework. As it is an open source platform, has a widely experienced managed community that works on successful projects, the .NET framework will stay a huge success in the years to come as well. The technology will evolve for sure and there are going to be modifications as well but the future for Microsoft web development is still bright than ever in the growing industries.

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