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Learn Python? Best Python Tutorials and Courses in 2020

16 Mar

When it comes to programming languages, Python is one of the most popular ones in your modern times. Looking at the number of Python developers, you find that it exceeds that of other developers by almost a difference of millions. The rapid growth of the programming language has contributed to an increased number of online platforms offering paid and free Python online courses. Companies seeking Python developers can work closely with a Python development company that has the expertise and resources to build apps. Developers wanting to add more to their programming language skill sets can learn Python from various resources. Here we look at some of the best Python courses and tutorials that developers can use to learn their programming language and obtain certifications:

1. Learn Python

If you are looking for a resource where you can learn all about Python, then Learn Python is a good bet. This interactive tutorial is for both beginners and experienced Python programmers. With the course, a developer learns the basics of the programming language in addition to other topics such as Closures, Sets, and Decorator. The tutorial is presented through a step-by-step format making it easy for the user to find the specific topic they need. An interesting thing about Learn Python is that the tutorial is free for users – you don’t have to pay for the course – just enroll. And, there aren’t any hidden charges.

What’s on Offer?

  • Learn Python offers free interactive tutorials with support from Datacamp covering various aspects of the programming language.
  • Users can practice their Data Science skills using Python by taking part in interacting coding challenges as well as watching video clips produced by expert instructors.
  • You can gain access to other tutorials offered by Datacamp covering topics such as Data visualization, Data Manipulation, Statistics, and more.
  • Users are able to understand how Python can be used within the field of Data Science using the Data Science tutorials
  • You can be part of a bigger Python community by joining the social network group on Facebook.

2. Learn Python 2 by Codecademy

Many programmers choose Python as their first learning language because it is easy to read and is concise. Codecademy knows this too well and that’s why it provides several Python courses including Learn Python 2 – one of the top-rated courses that offer learners a brief introduction to the Python programming language in addition to fundamental programming conception. There over 10 lessons and each is focused on a specific subject touching on Python for example Conditionals, Python Syntax, Functions, Strings, Control Flow, and many others. When you are done with the course, you will be able to begin your programming career as a junior Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Analyst, or even Machine Learning Engineer.

What’s on Offer?

  • Learn Python 2 by Codecademy allows you to learn the best and most growing programming language using some of the best available courses online
  • Users learn about Lists, Syntax, Directories, Functions, File input, File output, Loops, Strings, and advanced topics within the Python language.
  • Users can build and model various portfolio projects that come with the course to help test their knowledge and enhance their skillsets.
  • Users can have access to extra video lectures as well as quizzes to help them understand where they stand with their Python learning experience
  • Also, learners can get help from a community of experts if they got any queries about the course structure.
  • The course takes about 25 hours and a learner can do 5 hours a week. Learn Python 2 has an excellent rating.

3. Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python

In this opinionated guide , it offers both newbies and expert Python developers a handbook for practicing the language. The handbook features installation, configurations as well as usage of Python on day to day basis. It is an ideal guide for those who want to practice their Python language. It is important to realize that when it comes to programming or coding, practice is key. You need to put into practice whatever you have learned so that you can be sure you are able to code or build a site or an application. It also helps you understand your level of problem-solving in programming.

4. Python for Beginners at Python.org

At Python.org , learners are directed to different Python tutorials some of which include A Byte of Python, After Hours Programming Python 3 Tutorial, Classpert – Python, and Ask Python. A Byte by Python available here has been prepared by Swaroop C.H and offers an introductory text for individuals who have no prior experience in programming. It is ideal for beginner programmers who are just starting out to learn the coding and programming language of Python. With the After Hours Programming Python 3 Tutorial available here , it offers you yet another resource to build your programming knowledge. Ask Python that is available here is designed for the beginner Python learners and it has reliable Python tutorials. Classpert-Python that you can find here is an extensive collection of both paid and free Python courses online provided by different experts.

5. Udemy’s Introduction to Python Programming

This individual course has been designed to help beginner programmers who don’t have past knowledge of Python to learn more about the programming language. The course introduces the learners or Python developers to the fundamental concepts within the Python language as well as its history. It also introduces the users on how they can be able to write their first program using Python. Introduction to Python Programming by Udemy is an ideal resource for beginners because it is led by an instructor Avinash Jain. Jain is also the CEO of the platform. Jain believes in spreading the knowledge and skill you have garnered to other individuals who are struggling to get into Python language space. Learners are able to finish their course with graded assignments allowing them to be professionals at Python programming.

What’s on Offer?

  • Introduction to Python Programming by Udemy is among the most straightforward and natural introductory courses to Python available online
  • Users can understand all main concepts underlying Python right from their desk without being worried about deadlines
  • Users learn about Variables, Strings, and Datatypes of the programming language
  • The resource includes video lectures, articles, and downloadable resources to allow for offline access as well as multiple quizzes to help the learners improve their skills.
  • Learners have 24/7 support from technical experts to assist them with any queries they may have regarding the course
  • When you complete the course, you receive a certification to show that you indeed completed the course
  • Learners can avail 30 days of the free trial to begin the course.

The shorter, small sessions allow learners to learn better and concentrate that having to involve themselves in long, boring sessions that easily throw them out of balance and feel lost.

6. Udemy’s Free Python Tutorials

Learners who may not be willing to spend dollars on learning Python may use the free courses and tutorials offered by Udemy. There are over a hundred free tutorials and courses to help the learners. Among the top-rated courses in Free Python Tutorials are Python Core and Advanced, Introduction to Python Programming, The Top 5 Machine Learning Libraries in Python, in addition, to Learn Python from Scratch. Programmers who take these courses are able to not only learn the basics but also the advanced technical Python concepts. Programmers who have completed the course or the tutorials can be able to offer to teach other inspiriting Python learners. Programmers looking forward to excelling in the field of Data Science should consider learning from some of the best Data Science courses available in these tutorials.

What’s on Offer?

  • Users can learn from the tutorials and courses designed by professional Python instructors who possess years of experience in the programming language.
  • Learners are able to cover everything relating to Python from libraries to introduction to Python and Python concepts.
  • There are practice exams available for the learners as well as video tutorials to help the learners enhance their knowledge.
  • Students can enroll themselves in learning certification program when they pay some little fee
  • The Python learning resource is completely flexible and offers tutorials and courses that can be accessed from any device and from anywhere.
  • There is no specific duration for learning – meaning the learners learn at their own pace.

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7. Udemy’s Python for Absolute Beginners- Free Tutorial

When you choose Python as your programming language and you find that you have not past knowledge of it, you can consider learning through the introductory course offered by Udemy. The Python for Absolute Beginners is a free tutorial that helps you get started with the programming language. With the course, the learners are able to learn the fundamentals of the programming language Python in addition to coding skills that they need for them to a job as Python programmers or developers. Python for Absolute Beginners is created by Green Chameleon Learning- a U.S. based company that focuses on the creation and provision of excellent quality coding or programming courses for people all over the globe. When you are done with the course, you get a certification of completion offered by Udemy.

What’s on Offer?

  • Students can learn Python programming language from scratch with the aid of hands-on coding exercises that help gain a better understanding of the language.
  • Users can learn how they can program fluently in Python as well as they can use PyCharm in writing their Python programs.
  • Learners are able to understand Python concepts on Computer Science such as Functions and Flow Control.
  • The course lectures are short and properly extended to help communicate effectively to the learner and teach them the required concepts
  • The course comprises lecture videos as well as practice problems and solutions. There are also review exercises to help learners.
  • Python for Absolute Beginners is among the most outstanding beginner Python tutorial that you can find online.

8. Datacamp’s Free Python Introduction

One thing about Datacamp is that it’s known for offering valuable programming courses for different kinds of individuals. The interactive Python course introduces the learners to the basic Python concepts in addition to giving them exposure to advanced concepts such as Python Lists, Packages, and Functions. There are four different chapters with the basics of Python being the easiest of the chapters in Datacamp’s Free Python Introduction . Also, the basics are the only free course available for the learners in the course. When you take the course, you have a solid understanding of Python language and you can be able to implement it for various data analysis. After completion, you are issued a certificate to show that you complete the course. You can now begin to offer Python development services to your clients.

What’s on Offer?

  • It’s among the most amazing interactive Python courses you find online and helps you grow your programming skills.
  • Learners are able to interactively use Python with the help of scripts and create their first variables as well as familiarize themselves with the basic data types of Python.
  • Learners are able to learn how to use Methods, Functions, and Python Packages allowing them to leverage their Python programming efficiently
  • Students gain sufficient knowledge about NumPy, which is a fundamental Python Package enabling the learners to practice their Data Science programming skills efficiently.

9. Google Python Class by Developers.Google

With the popularity of Python, Google has repositioned itself to provide learning resources for programmers. Google Python Class provides valuable knowledge to people about Python. The free Python class provides useful programming experience to individuals willing to learn Python. The class provides the learners with lecture videos, learning materials, and multiple coding exercises to help the learners practice their Python language and coding. Nick Parlante is the creator of the content in this course. Parlante is an experienced Python programmer who works with the engEDU group within Goole. With the course or class, it helps you with real-life experience in learning Python with the help of the best Google workers.

What’s on Offer?

  • Learners can learn Python for free from a reputable and trusted Enterprise, Google Inc.
  • Students cover topics such as Lists and Strings along with exercises
  • Students learn they can deal with Processes, Test Files, and HTTP connections using Python
  • In each written sections, it ends with a link that directs the learners to coding exercises to help them practice what they learn
  • The class comprises lecture videos parallel to practice exercises and written material to help them grow their skills and knowledge in Python programming.
  • It takes about two days for the class.


Python is a popular programming language and many developers are beginning to learn the languages because of its rapid usage across the world by businesses and organizations. If you do have prior experience or knowledge in Python, you still have hope in that there are many online resources in the form of classes and tutorials to help you learn the languages. You will decide which ones you choose. There are free and paid tutorials, so you have no restricted in choice. Learning Python is going to put in the frontline in attaining jobs since many companies are using this programming language in their app development. Besides, you have a competitive edge when you are knowledgeable in Python since companies are seeking for Python developers. If you have a project that you want to be written in Python language, you can hire dedicated Python developers to help you write or code it.

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