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Learn How SharePoint Can Be Delivered On Digital Transformation

19 Nov

The digital estate is evolving and the teams in workplaces are growing, so introducing efficiency can be a tall order objective to achieve if you can’t find the right tools to help transform your team. SharePoint can bring the digital transformation you need in your business. Things like content expiry in libraries and specific documents ensure that collateral restricted to time like sales and marketing information remains up-to-date and relevant. When you move to web-based types of expenses, procurements, new supplier requests, holiday requests, and self-certified absence recording may be obtained with having simple customization of the SharePoint ecosystem.

If you need an action to be performed in response to some new uploaded or recorded documents into the library of SharePoint, you can have workflows offer a scalable and robust solution to processes of a business in which the load or burden of remembering to take action of something is offloaded to the system of SharePoint. Think of a process in which users complete Excel or Word document to attain a particular goal, print or email, or pass it between different departments within your organizations and wait for a response. You can use a customized SharePoint list able to deliver content in a web-based form to help transform the departments. SharePoint is capable of reducing risk by introducing features and allowing people to be more productive in ways you wouldn’t imagine. The system is accessible on smart devices by smartphone and tablets meaning you can build your features, and grow your team while on the go.

If you are seeking a SharePoint developers team to work on your SharePoint project, you want to ensure that you get utmost services and the developers understand your specific needs. There are various ways you can utilize SharePoint and the configurations depend on your business requirements.

Benefits of SharePoint to Businesses

Having been introduced in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based document storage system that has many benefits to businesses. It is also easier to use than many business owners may think. SharePoint is playing a great role in transforming the digital environment of businesses whether small or large by offering features for collaboration, doc storage, and mobile access to documents. Today, with this system, it is no longer mandatory for teams to work from the same space, share the same hours, or even share the same time zones. They can expedite the same projects working from different time zones, workspaces, and hours by sharing the same documents.

The key benefits of SharePoint are:

  • Sharing – It is easy to build apps and websites to share documents or information with clients and colleagues
  • Synchronicity- The system allows you to easily sync it with Teams and OneDrive meaning you are able to access your data without having to get into SharePoint itself.
  • Presentation – Using Web Parts, it is possible to add and format documents, text, and images to the existing information for your team or customers in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Organization – You can manage your daily routine by using libraries, workflows, and task lists while offering easy access to your workers but retaining full control.
  • Connectivity – You can build a team site and draw all the people together within one place.
  • Access- Since all files within Cloud storage, it allows for easy access to the documents from anywhere in any device.
  • Security – SharePoint shines when it comes to the aspect of security. With increasing cyber threats, it is crucial that business emphasizes on security when performing their digital transformation. SharePoint has security features to help prevent breaches and attacks. The data on SharePoint is able to retain its security regardless of the devices you are using to access SharePoint or from where you’re viewing the data. Your company will be secure knowing that its information and data are secure. With the help of dedicated SharePoint developers, you can set the security features of your SharePoint tool so that you protect your business processes.

The Myth about SharePoint

Although SharePoint is among the most accessible and readily user-friendly tools you can find today, if you ask someone for help online, it seems as though it’s too much hard work to use this tool.

One myth about SharePoint is that it’s expensive!

While the multinational enterprises using the older SharePoint version may find it a little bit expensive, for the SMEs, it’s a free tool. It is packaged in Microsoft 365 package just sitting there for small business enterprises to explore it.

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Additionally, SharePoint can be scaled to meet your needs with increments days at a time allowing you to deliver functionality pretty quickly and at a lower cost. With this kind of scalability, there is no risk of having your budget getting out of hand.

Another myth is that SharePoint is too complex to use!

Experts many baffle small business owners with the use of jargons to make SharePoint appear as though it’s a complex tool to use. That is far from the truth! Such use of terminologies is only meant to create an apparent need for the services of those experts. It is quite simple to use SharePoint.

If you still think that SharePoint is complex, you can consult with hire SharePoint developers to help you understand how you can use the tool or even configure it for you. The developers can also build apps that integrate easily with SharePoint.

What Can SharePoint do for Your Business

While having the ambitions to use SharePoint in your business processes may be a great thing, however, the most important aspect is to understand how you can use the small things and features or customization to make it work for you- that makes the biggest difference.

Department heads and users in your organization will identify what contributes to the most frequent delays and will possess first-hand knowledge about the hold-ups that were defined by the business processes many years or even decades ago.

When it comes to enhancing efficiency in business operations and processes, you should understand the difference between knowing that a process should be more efficient and streamlined, and finding out ways to achieve the efficiency in that process or department. When you that difference, you can make head ups and progress to implements tools and systems that work. SharePoint does well in making people be more productive. It has a high level of customization which offers flexibility and makes it enjoyable for workers to use. It encourages employees to progress with what they are best at instead of struggling with tasks or chores which only hold them back.

SharePoint gives a new, modern platform that allows shared access to documents, interactions, and collaboration of teams. No teamwork can happen anywhere and anything in a more reliable, quick, and secure way than with SharePoint. Besides, SharePoint informs and engages. You can create, share your ideas, and make decisions using content management as well as collaboration tools that easily integrate with other apps like OneDrive and Office Graph when you use SharePoint. It helps transform your business processes by building robust solutions, delivering business value, and achieving digital transformation. SharePoint now has improved support for Microsoft PowerApps, Flow, and more.

With the SharePoint tool, teams spend less time searching for data and information and more time working on that information since the tool allows instant access to applications, content, and people. It’s now easier to work with files, view them, edit them, share them externally and internally on-the-go or at your workplace desk.

Return on Investment with SharePoint tool

Many organizations may already have SharePoint since it comes bundled up with Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions. Others may have on-premise versions of SharePoint, however, they don’t know what they can do with it. A lot of SharePoint features are just quick wins- they require minimal configuration. By just implementing a tiny set of the features of SharePoint, a business can attain a return on investment (ROI) almost instantly. You can work with SharePoint developers to provide you with guidance, analysis, and strategies to make SharePoint bring a big difference in a short time without experiencing the hurdles of the learning curve of a fresh in-house skill set.

SharePoint Making a Big Impact on a Business

Only a small portion of business organizations use SharePoint to its full capacity. The reason is that many organizations deem the tool to be a complex one. SharePoint is able to deliver complex solutions above document sharing. It can deliver great benefits from small configurations and time investment. In an organization, there are so many documents that are duplicates since many workers are allowed to build or create folders within the existing file system. When you introduce metadata, your SharePoint tool is able to remove the need for having folders by neatly organizing documents and creating ease accessibility to those documents using filters. Also, you may have content that was lost long ago within your computers or network and no one knows where it could have been stored. SharePoint search is able to uncover the lost content and empower workers with time-saving outcomes based upon historical documents.

SharePoint eliminates the risk of document versions mix-up by introducing version control, approval processes, and document publication. It ensures there is just a single version of your document and it’s located with the right SharePoint library. Also, the tool ensures that the document is accessible to all those who have permission and it’s not stored or stuck on the laptop of an individual who cannot be reached. When you configure SharePoint using simple-to-implement functionalities, it makes huge differences to your business processes.

SharePoint Isn’t Just Dedicated to Sharing

While document sharing is essential for team collaboration, many departments have information that cannot be shared. Users tend to collect that kind of information and store it within their devices or locally something that introduces some level of risk to your business. You can use SharePoint to securely manage content that is secure to particular people, teams, or groups. Only those with the permissions to access those documents are able to do so. SharePoint offers a huge security capability from the point of document collection down to individual list items.

Businesses capture employee data including workstation assessments. That information can be scheduled and captured within SharePoint but the date is secured to the HR department, an individual, or a compliance officer. The best SharePoint developers team can come in handy when you want to build apps that work with the tool or when you need features and configurations to easily work on the tool.

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