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6 Proven Ways to Improve .Net Store Sales by 40% or Higher

17 May

Asp.Net is one of the most popular and trustworthy technologies used to create websites for online businesses that sell products as well as services. However, you can’t expect your business to grow just because you have a website. You’ll also need to pay attention to the minute details. These details can include regular website update, changing the structure of your store, adding and removing elements, etc.

If you are someone who has the knowledge of making these changes on your own, that’s great! However, irrespective of your knowledge and understanding, you can consider hiring a team of Asp.Net Developers to help you through the process. It’s up to you to decide between hiring a whole team or choosing a dedicated Asp.Net developer. In the end, your goal is to boost the sales of your Asp.Net store. You can choose whatever suits you the best to achieve that.

Here are 6 tips to help you achieve higher sales for your Asp.Net store:

6 Ways to Improve .Net Store sales

Optimize your Store Performance

The first thing that your customer will notice about your website is its appearance. In order for them to understand and navigate through your online store effortlessly, you need to pay attention to different UI and UX aspects like the layout of pages, mobile responsiveness, loading speed of the website, etc. While there are a lot of Asp.Net developers available for hire, you can start the process by checking your website’s performance via heat maps on your own.

Once you have identified the most engaging as well as the least engaging parts of your website, you can incorporate changes accordingly. These changes could include CTAs, content refreshment, navigation bars, etc. You’ll be able to engage with your customers in a better way if you make changes according to their choices.

Incorporate product videos

Almost all stores use product pictures to engage with their end-customer and showcase the product that they are selling. However, many of these stores miss out on the product video part of the equation. Product videos can encourage your customers to buy more products from your store as they can virtually experience the feeling of having your product. While embedding product videos to your website, it is not necessary to have them shot professionally and spend a lot of money on them.

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You can simply choose the products that are appropriate for having videos and create videos by using a simple white background and a good quality smartphone camera.

Offer a Guarantee

The satisfaction of having a guaranteed product cannot be underestimated. People are already taking a risk buying products from your online store as they’re experiencing everything virtually. By including the guarantee in your products, the chances of people buying them are automatically increased as you are building trust with them. A guarantee also showcases the fact that you have trust in the products that you’re selling.

Even if the customers are disappointed after making a purchase, they are less likely to return products as the process gets hectic on their end as well. And even if they are willing to go through the process, you can also add up certain conditions on your end to be included in your return policy.

Remove friction-creating elements

The success of your online store depends on the experience that your users get while coming on your website. An ideal website should allow customers to easily navigate and make a sale. However, the most important part where you must take care of flawless execution is the checkout/payment option. When a customer is at the checkout stage on your website, they have already made up their mind about making a purchase. If their experience is compromised at this stage, they are likely to abandon the product and go away.

Other elements that can be refined for less friction can be- navigation menus, too many calls to actions, forms with many fields, etc. You must optimize your checkout pages to reduce the level of friction so that the user does not get distracted from his buying experience.

Send Useful Emails

Even though your end goal is to sell products, you must never bombard your loyal customers with too many emails that contain advertising contents. Sharing timely offers, useful blog links and information about the updates is an amazing way of adding more value to the life of your end-user. You can use an email marketing strategy and tool for this.

Segregate your customers according to their preferred choices and run campaigns that resonate with their taste. You can increase your sales simply by sharing offers and discount values with your subscribers’ list.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Having a virtual online store does not mean that you do not need to connect with your customers. In fact, regular engagement will bring more value to your network and affect your sales process. You can engage with your customers via social channels as social media is the most commonly available platform for regular interaction.

You can also use the feedback received through this engagement to improve your store’s experience. The main channels and methods for engagement with the customers include retweets, comments, blog comments, social media reviews, email replies, etc.


The momentum of sales on Asp.Net store totally depends on your knowledge of your customers. You can boost the sales of your products online by following all the above-mentioned pointers. Creating an effective .Net store by hiring an Asp.net developer in India can help you cut down the cost of development and increased sales.

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