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Building Your Microsoft Development Team with the Right Partner

22 May

In today’s online business environment, competition is tough and without the right web development innovations, you are likely to lag behind and be outperformed by competitors. There are many programming languages and frameworks businesses can utilize. Businesses seeking to have something innovative for their customers should seek cutting-edge web dev technologies. Microsoft has various frameworks in place to help web developers make their ends meet. These frameworks include the famous ASP.NET, TypeScript, and Node.json ChakraCore. If you run a website or an app built using these frameworks you want to ensure you get the support needed to allow the sites or apps perform efficiently. A Microsoft web development company can help you achieve your website and app development goals.

Technology Considerations When Developing An App or Website

When developing an application, the most important thing you should do is understand the nature of your brand or business so that you can deploy the right application that will give you an upper hand in connecting, interacting, and serving your customers. You want to ensure the customers have the best user experience when visiting your site.

Another thing you should examine is the best technology platform that can spearhead the website development process. Even as more programming languages are being introduced into the market, there is continuous change and demand within the technology market. To meet such technology challenges in building and developing apps and websites, you can have your apps and website developers work hand in hand with a trusted Microsoft development company.

Microsoft Web Development Frameworks

ASP, which stands for Active Server Pages is an ideal platform used to create high-end applications and websites. Similarly, Dot Net offers a great server-side scripting technology allowing Windows website servers to be used in hosting ASP.NET websites or web apps.

ASP.NET is among the biggest achievements Microsoft has made. It allows web developers to meet the increasing market demand for running dynamic web pages that can be viewed on various web browsers. ASP.NET framework has become popular and is relatively easy to use in creating applications using Visual Studio. Dot NET developers not only find the framework easy but they can also use other programming languages such as VB and C#.

Node.js on ChakraCore is an open source project designed to allow Node.js to make use of the ChakraCore JavaScript engine if necessary. TypeScript is another framework by Microsoft that is a superior framework of JavaScript that can compile to plain JavaScript. You can run it on any browser and any operating system. It’s also open source framework. TypeScript provides support for the most recent and evolving features of JavaScript including the ones from ECMAScript 2015 as well as future proposals such as async functions and decorators.

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It’s often said that TypeScript begins and ends with JavaScript. This means that the framework starts from the semantics and syntax that millions of developers who have used JavaScript know today. The framework compiles to clean, yet simple JavaScript code that runs on most of the browsers you find today or in any JavaScript engine supporting ECMAScript 3 or newer versions.

To ensure your Microsoft app and web development team achieves its goal you can consider hiring professional Microsoft web development India service to take you through nooks and crannies of Microsoft frameworks and how to use them to develop high-end apps and websites.

Advantages of Using Microsoft App Development Frameworks

There are different frameworks that Microsoft has introduced and the main one is ASP.NET. This framework helps create web technologies and web pages. It is a valuable tool for many developers and programmers since it allows them to develop dynamic, rich websites as well as web applications by using compiled programming languages such as C# and VB.

During the early days when web design was still in its infancy, web pages content used to be mostly static. That was before the Internet Information Services (IIS) was released in 1997. The website pages needed to be manually modified something that created the urge to have sites that are dynamic and could update themselves automatically. That’s when Active Server Pages (ASP) was introduced into the market to help meet this need.

ASP could execute on the server-side whereby the output was sent to the browser of the website user allowing the server to create dynamic web pages depending on the user’s actions. The server-side technologies have been an important contribution to web development. You have seen websites like eBay, Amazon.com, and others – these popular websites utilize ASP.NET framework.

The Benefits of ASP.NET

The benefits of using ASP.NET compared to other web development models are that it reduces the number of code needed to develop larger applications and ensures your apps are safe and secure since it has a built-in Windows authentication in addition to per-application configuration. The framework offers better website and apps performance since it takes advantage of early binding, native optimization, just-in-time compilation, and caching services.

Within the Visual Studio development environment, an ASP.NET framework is supported by a designer and rich toolbox. Some of the features this framework provides are drag-and drop server controls, WYSIWYG editing, and automatic deployment.

Another advantage of using the framework is that is provides simplicity since it makes it easier for developers to perform common tasks ranging from the simple form submission to deployment to client authentication and site configuration.

Downtimes are a big concern for many website and apps owners. When it comes to ASP.NET framework, all the processes are tightly monitored and managed by the framework’s runtime meaning that in the event a process is dead, then a new process comes into operation or its created to help your websites or application remain continuously available to handle requests.

Applications and websites developed using ASP.NET are accessible globally resulting in efficient information management. The framework gives you all the essential features you need whether you’re building a large corporate web app distributed across numerous networks or you are developing a small business website. Recently, ASP.NET Core was introduced to help build modern cloud-based web apps on Linux, Mac, and Windows.


Microsoft ASP.NET framework is becoming more popular as it gains wide acceptance as a development framework for developing enterprise-level web apps. Many web developers love the framework because it has immeasurable benefits that resolve issues like security and memory management. With the help of Microsoft web development services, your web and app development team can gain a competitive edge is building sites and apps that meet the expectations of audiences, as well as businesses and their customers.

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