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Are you willing to Move from Offline Store to Online Store? Read This!

22 May

Most retail stores are moving away from the standard brick and motor office block to an online store. If your competitor has already moved to an online platform, it does not matter how long you have been in the industry that is enough reason for you to look for an Asp .Net developer for hire and start constructing your virtual store.

Even the most experienced .Net developers will confess that setting up online store is difficult even if you have the right products, location, and the right personnel to manage the store. If you relax too much, your competitors will carry the day. Once you have the store in place the only thing remaining is for you to expand your reach, which may be the natural thing any businessperson would do.

Moving to an online store coming from the brick and mortar needs so much caution. In as much taking your entire offline store online has so many benefits, there are some few things that you must take into consideration before you start running the store.

Regardless of your experience with the offline store, the following tips should guide your every move.

Decide on who will be the Store Manager, Shipping, and Customer Service

In the real world, you will always have the storeowner, managers, stockers, cashiers, supervisors etc. all these individuals can respond to the same question the same way and can pop in when another staff member is not within.

In the virtual world, you need to hire Asp .Net developers’ team who will define who handles what and at what levels. Depending on the size of your store, one developer can handle everything from customer service to design and for a sizeable store; you can hire specific individuals as managers who will deal with product updates. Hiring of shipping agents could also be a necessity when you have overwhelming orders.

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Evaluate and assess what you need to get the store running. Identify the personnel you need in relation to the store size. This could be the most appropriate time to choose the most dedicated Asp .Net developer who will manage all aspects of the online store operations.

Identify who will handle the following:

Setting up the store: should be a person who knows the best platform to use and is capable of creating good designs using add-ons and extensions.

Managing day-to-day Customers: know who will answer emails, take phone calls, or respond to social media alerts.

Marketing: get in touch with an Asp .Net developer India and you will get to know the best platform to use. You can try blogging, social media, or something that will bring in more clients.

You may be overwhelmed and realize that you may not have immediate answers to all these questions. Do not be frightened and fail to set up the shop, because this is the reality of becoming an online businessperson.

Sort out The Shipping Rates, Boxes and Carriers

Once your resources are sorted, move on to logistics, which involves moving your products from the store pages to the client’s doorstep. Online shipping is more complex compared to a person ordering from your physical shop. When sorting out shipping look at out for the following:

Measure the products and look for boxes early enough

Sort out products that need special handling or packaging. You can ask experienced online store managers on the cost of shipping frozen products. Decide on the local delivery or assembly to be early enough so that you always run ahead of the customer.

Identify local shipping agents that offer reliable services.

Make sure you get the best deal with them before the developer installs their extensions. Another way to deliver goods to clients is through drop shipping which allows for an external order delivery. The storeowner will process an order through a third party supplier who will ship the product directly to the customer.

Identify What to Sell Online

Once you have identifies the kind of products to sell, make sure you also prepare an inventory on all products you sell. Sometimes you may not have to have an inventory of all the products you sell online. However, customers will be happy if they get all their orders on time.

Decide on the Payment Processor

New storeowners get frustrated with getting the right payment processor that will work seamlessly with the online shop. Why not let a dedicated Asp .Net developer worry about this process. They know how to sync inventory and prevent your staff from doing double payments on products.

Developers know which payments integrations will work in tandem with the kind of store you are running. As you think of the processor, also look into the following:

Make sure all the payments are received within the same gateway to avoid fees going through a third party

Synchronize inventory between your retail store and WooCommerce to avoid manual tracking of moving orders

Update your product listing once to avoid repeating the same procedure for every product and content

Research on a Possible Platform and Hosting Provider

The final stage of getting an online shop working is to use one of the most trusted and dedicated Asp .Net developers to help you decide on the best add-ons and host for your website. The add-ons depend highly on what you need for the store.

The cost of the entire project from hosting, design, platform, and onetime payment for the Asp .Net developer is part of planning too.

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