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World’s TOP 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch in 2019

25 Jun

Regardless of the ups and down and challenges faced by blockchain and cryptocurrencies this year, the industry has continued to grow upwards. According to a recent study, it’s estimated that the value of blockchain will rise to $60 billion in the coming years. Amongst the blockchain projects and a range of ICO companies that come up every day, some companies are expected to make a difference in 2019. Here are the top Blockchain development companies to watch in 2019.

1. Buddy

By creating a decentralized platform, Buddy expects to change miners into mini data centers. By using the automated solution for developers, they expect to add logic to the mining so that together with other minors, they can create an alternative to Microsoft cloud offering, Google, and Amazon. The deal is with more services competing for miners powers; they can be able to push the whole cryptocurrency industry forward and disrupt the web hosting market. Since they already have a working product, it looks as if they will have their breakthrough in the coming months.

2. Biki.com

Founded in June 2016 and headquartered in Singapore Biki is leading digital blockchain development firm whose main focus is the global market. In just under one year, it managed to gather around 100,000 daily users and 1.1 million registered users. Supported by the cofounder, BiKi is currently one of the fastest growing blockchain companies to watch this year. Its main aim is to bring the digital market to the mainstream.

3. Errna.com

With many purposes and wonderful ways in which companies can utilize the blockchain technology, some companies do just that. One of these companies is errna.com. Apart from their many years of experience and proficiency in working in the blockchain industry, errna.com has almost everything that makes it one of the best. Right now they’ve managed to build several custom based blockchain applications including smart contracts, digital tokens, private and public blockchain. More so, their high-quality software gives the clients the opportunity to start their block cryptocurrency exchange programs.

4. Advanced blockchain AG

Advanced blockchain AG - Publicly listed and Berlin-based, this blockchain company was founded by a German crypto expert. It’s one of the innovators of blockchain for corporations and has also built a solution for one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Recently chosen to participate in the Silicon Valley chapter on a blockchain that empowers companies successfully to join the US market, this company is among the fastest growing companies in the blockchain industry.

5. Blockverify

Started in 2014, Blockverify currently functions are an anti-counterfeit solution in the blockchain world. Owned by Pavlo Tanasyuk, who is also the co-founder of Spacebit, this blockchain solution is believed to be among the companies to watch this year. Since it has declared war on counterfeit, it currently offers anti-counterfeit services to many industries.

6. Neufund


Neufund is a Berlin-based blockchain that was founded specifically as an equity investment platform and blockchain based asset tokenization. Started in 2016, this blockchain company has linked real-world equity and on chain token. It has also made this offer compliant among the German authorities. The kind of technology invented by this company has made almost any incorporated entity all over the world to carry out public offering on a blockchain. Its equity token offering combines the benefits of ICO, IPO, and classical VC around. This means issuers can raise funds in EUR, ETH, easily conduct follow up fund raising rounds, provides tradability of tokens on secondary markets, and also develop other security functions that can greatly improve the governance of investors. Since several startups are currently raising funds with it, it’s believed that it’s one of the companies to watch this year.

7. Dadi

Also known as Decentralized, Architecture for a Democratic Internet, DADIS is a blockchain setup that aims to offer the principles of next-generation internet market. Its main idea is to provide a quick, as well a robust and secure internet with no control at all. By using blockchain technology, it bases its services on computer codes that enable communism like a platform with no control or center. This means it delivers a secure, fast, and a fair digital product. It’s also categorized with many apps which the company aims to present services such as identity, web, commerce store, API, track among others. At the beginning of this year, it raised over $30 million hence recording perhaps the initial funding at the initial stage. What makes it stable is the kind of support that it gets from Diesel, BBC, and Barclays.

8. Ambrosius

Ambrosius is a blockchain powered internet of things network that’s meant for pharmaceutical networks and food as their main blockchain development services. This startup provides a frictionless and secure dialogue between the distributed ledgers, sensors, and data bases to allow it to optimize quality assurance and supply chain visibility. It creates a unique digital identifies for every item hence keeping track of it as it moves from the fork to the farm. Based in Tallinn and founded in 2016 it’s among the top blockchain technology development companies to look up to this year.

9. PLAYnetwork

PLAYnetwork is not only a new blockchain company but also a future-focused protocol that brings together physical and digital worlds to play. By using blockchain, it’s able to connect the physical and the digital worlds. It enables toy owners to customize their toys with collectible values, attributes, and ability to load toys with limited and exclusive quality assets. By seamlessly assigning digital attributes, it aims to make this successful. Apart from toys PLAY, any object can be abstracted into a digital layer.

10. ReChain

ReChain refers to a mobile platform that depends on the security and performance of the blockchain technology to help secure their data and be rewarded for the same. As a user, you’ll receive points that you can redeem for things such as movies, concert tickets, and other products and even use it to support other causes around the world.

Final words

In this current era, cryptocurrency and blockchain determine the values and the direction of stock shares. As a matter of fact, there is nothing that can take place without their input. Due to this, deciding on the best company to invest in might be a challenge. Thankfully, this list will help you know some of the best companies to watch this year.

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