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10 Exciting Industries Undergoing Dramatic Change with Blockchain

12 Jul

When you hear the term blockchain, what do you think of? Most people, after hearing this term, what comes to their mind is cryptocurrency transactions. However, there are more to these other than just using it in making payments as well as hiding one’s details while making the payments. The blockchain developers having highly developed the technology. The development of blockchain technology is an excellent boon to several industries. Let’s examine these industries.

Industries Undergoing Dramatic Change

Blockchain can make the operations of many industries efficient. Hire block chain developer today to make the operations of your business efficient. Here are some industries where hiring a blockchain developer will make the operations of the firm effective.

Banking industry

The financial experts have attested that the blockchain technology will bring significant changes in the banking industry. It will bring a great revolution, just like the internet and social media brought to the business sector. The financial experts have claimed that the solution to various problems in the banking industry is the blockchain technology. One of the challenges is on transferring money. In the past days, the transfer of funds from one country to another could take many days; transaction fees would be very high. With blockchain technology, the process of transferring of money can be done faster and at a lower rate. The banks which will not adopt this technology in the future will have a lot to miss. If you are a leader of a bank, get blockchain developers team today to help you in developing this great technology. It will make the banking services of your bank safer as well as fast, attracting a large number of consumers and eventually leading to the rise of your profits.

Government sector

Block Chain technology has also brought changes in the government sector. It has lowered the risks as well as costs in this sector. The technology is also influencing the new models of governance. Studies show that the blockchain technology will bring a challenge in the organization of the governance system, and there will be now a new relationship between the government and society. It will significantly influence how the government manages the well as governs the people. The adoption of this technology will lead to the reduction of fraud cases and enhance accountability in various government sectors.


The networking, as well as internet of things industry, is currently facing numerous challenges. One of the challenges is on traffic congestion, which has led to poor networking. Most of the entrepreneurs presently doing online business require high-speed connectivity to effectively do their business as well as communicate with their customers. The internet of things industry has failed to solve the issue of traffic congestion making the connection to be slow. The entrepreneurs should not worry and should be happy because a dedicated Blockchain developer are here to help them out. The blockchain developer can work together with network specialists to come up with applications that will bring this challenge to a stop using blockchain technology. One of the ways of doing it is using the technology to come up with devices that have their foundation on the decentralized network then connect all devices directly. It will solve this challenge of network configuration and boost the speed of communication.

Energy sector

Another sector that will benefit from this technology is the energy sector. The energy industry has been one of the leading cause of global warming. 41% of the carbon dioxide emissions are from this sector. Global warming has brought changes in our climate hence a need for producing energy without emitting carbon to conserve our environment. The block chains technology is the solution to these; the entrepreneurs will be able to produce energy at low costs and emit low carbon. It can be used as a central entity to manage the energy sector. In these, the blockchain technology will enable the producers, as well as consumers, directly buy from one another.


Block Chain developers have also developed technology that will also be a great boon to the insurance industry. It will help in dealing with the issue of accountability as well as insecurity, which is prevalent in this industry. With technology, it is possible for this industry to build transparent as well as trustworthy platforms. The technology has a set of functions designed to eliminate identical transactions as well as lower the high fraudulent crime rates. The functions do this by verifying the authenticity of the transactions.

Health Care

One of the challenges in the healthcare sector is managing data as well as transferring patient data. Most of the healthcare facilities use paperwork in managing the patient’s information. The use of paperwork has various challenges. The blockchain developers have developed multiple functions to manage patient data. Using the blockchain technology, medical practitioners can now access the patient’s files quickly without dealing with paperwork hassles.


Blockchain technology has also been beneficial to farmers. Using technology, they can now work together with regulatory authorities efficiently. It has also been helping them in gathering information market trends, prices as well as weather.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is coupled with various challenges causing production stoppage bringing substantial financial losses. The blockchain can help prevent the risk of production stoppage. It is using the blockchain technology for authentications as well as in the creation of automated transportations.

Private Transport and Ride Sharing

It has also brought changes to the private transport sector. The owners of the vehicle can now pay their cars using Ewallet. They can now do business transaction securely and without third parties intervention.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage stores data in a centralized server which blockchain technology will significantly change. The change will be significant to these sectors as storing data on cloud storage, which centralized is susceptible to hacking or being lost. The dedicated Blockchain developers have come up with a technology that has a decent cloud storage solution to encrypt as well as safeguard the files.


In conclusion, the blockchain technology is not only used in crypto currency but also other industries. In these industries, technology has brought significant changes that have transformed these sectors.

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