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ExpertsFromIndia makes use of the Indoor Positioning Application Development using iBeacons to assist in delivering not just content, but experiences based on closeness to objects in the physical world. With iBeacons, you get to have the power to engage with your clients and the target customers at a whole new level.

What We Offer

With ExpertsFromIndia, and our team of 650+ developers, you get to have everything that might enable you to create and deliver proximity-based, highly targeted contents and we provide them to you through your mobile application.

iBeacon Appliaction Development

  • iBeacon App Development
  • Real world context
  • Global App integration
  • iBeacon Custom Solution
  • Real world analytics
  • Indoor maps & navigation
  • Luggage and cargo tracking
  • Hire iBeacon Developer
iBeacon Developer India

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IBeacons have changed the way we interact with the indoor world, where we do not have any good navigation capabilities like Google maps yet. By placing these Bluetooth Low Energy iBeacons at different physical allocations, you can ensure that your customers get to have guidance, personalized content as they walk through the place all at much lower CapEx and OpEx.

Possible Usage

Experience the next level of mobile campaigning with instinctive Campaign Centre based on cloud. Create and schedule campaigns that deliver the messages and content to the target market, using tags, and time or based on their proximity to the store or venue.

Real world analytics

Enjoy and Analyze the indoor Analytics. Get access to campaign results and strong set of analytics. Analyze how the push notifications and mobile campaigns are affecting your sales traffic and customer retention and accordingly establish the store layout and product placement.

Global App integration

ExpertsFromIndia have understanding with all available iBeacon SDKs (Software Development Kit) for iOS and Android in market today, we can integrate any of your existing mobile apps with iBeacons SDKs of your choice and convert existing mobile application APIs into a even powerful platform for mobile marketing per your wish or use cases.

Custom solutions

An out of the box iBeacons solution, might definitely not be suitable for everyone. This is the reason why, our team of 650+ application developers offer you complete customized solutions that can take your in-store and mobile marketing to a whole new level you just have imagined so far.

App Development

To use the iBeacons, your user will need to install your native or cross platform mobile application. Our team of 650+ experts can help you, if you do not already have one. We have a team of professionals, with expertise and proficiency to identify and create your Android or iOS App utilizing the power of iBeacon.

Hire iBeacon developers

The talented and quality ExpertsFromIndia developers have the proven capabilities of developing a perfect solution to deliver the precise message to the right potential client. We can help you launch campaigns, which can optimize in real time. With the help of our highly qualified and specially trained professionals, you can get analytical insights like competitors visits, online to offline tracking, location impressions and dwell time, etc. Our iBeacon developers boast the ability to completely revolutionize the industry with their expertise and proficiency and their ability to create unique customized solutions.

iBeacon development process:

  • Contact us by sending a free quote request.
  • We start by understanding your requirements and target use cases in various scenarios.
  • Will send you free quote in the form of complete schedule and timetable for your project and the results that you can expect from our iBeacon App developers.
  • After kickoff Interact and communicate with your hired iBeacon developers directly including daily reports and working though our managed project management system.
  • We ensure to offer you the admin supervision for the iBeacon developer you hired.
  • The offshore dedicated iBeacon developer will offer services same as an in-house developer.

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