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Our eCommerce Solutions

EFI offers top-notch e-commerce design and development services that focus on building world-class and dynamic applications that are well-equipped to please the customers of today and tomorrow. Our experts work on a broad range of e-commerce platforms to develop highly functional online stores for businesses of small to medium to large scale. EFI provides customized development and integration of themes, plugins, extensions, and modules to make your e-commerce website totally unique and special. We leverage our extensive experience in e-commerce development to yield reliable and rewarding outcomes. Some of the most popular e-commerce platforms that we work on are mentioned here.

Custom E-commerce Website Development

Your e-commerce website needs to be true to your brand value, which is why we offer highly personalized e-commerce website development. From the layout to the features of your online store, everything will be custom-tailored for your unique business needs. With such a customized and unique online store, you will be able to target your niche market very easily. By providing a seamless and exciting shopping experience, the custom e-commerce website built by EFI e-commerce developers will help you attain excellent sales as well as more and more customers. Let your unique ideas for your online store be implemented in reality.

Custom Extensions Development

Want to extend the functionality of your custom e-commerce website with some additional custom features? We can develop the custom extensions according to your needs for special features.

Digital Marketing

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services that can help boost the online sales of your products. We’ll empower you to explore and leverage the different online marketing channels. Increase profits and achieve higher growth in your e-commerce business with our digital marketing services.

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Key E-commerce Development Services by EFI

Mobile Apps Development

Developing m-commerce applications that help you improve your online sales via mobile devices.

Shopping Cart Development

Building dynamic and interactive shopping carts which make the online shopping experience much more smooth and interesting.

Payment Gateway Integration

Offering secure and reliable online payment methods for e-commerce websites by integrating industry-standard payment gateways.

Custom Web Design

Designing attractive and user-friendly online stores that are personalized to reflect your brand identity and to help you clearly stand out in the market.

Plugins, Extensions, & Modules Development

Developing and integrating customized plugins, extensions, and modules so that you can incorporate special features that are necessary for your store.

Trustworthy Technical Support

Helping you keep your online store going strong and steady by offering thorough maintenance and technical support services ensuring maximum up-time for the store.

Responsive E-commerce Websites

Enabling you to offer the same, wonderful shopping experience to all your customers no matter what mobile device they are using to access your website.

Custom Shopping Experiences

Building exclusive shopping experiences for your customers leveraging our years worth of expertise and being driven by a commitment to innovate.

Why Choose EFI for E-commerce Development?

E-commerce has become a highly competitive area today. To make your unique mark in this area, you need an e-commerce application that instantly attracts your audience with a delightful shopping experience and that is ready to grow and evolve as your business expands. Because we have been developing quality e-commerce applications for several years now, we know what it takes to build a successful online store. Our dedicated e-commerce developers will build a customized, impressive e-commerce store for you. We follow a cost-friendly and time-efficient approach so that you can have your online business set up and begin making sales in no time.

Our Portfolio

Technology We Use

  • WooCommerce
  • Virtuemart
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Magento
  • X Cart
  • prestashop
  • Bigcommerce
  • Shopify
  • nopCommerce
  • opencart

Frequently Asked Questions From Clients On E-commerce Development

Which e-commerce platform is the best for building an online store?

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, the array of choices available is extensive. When it comes to selecting the best among these platforms, the specific needs of each store need to be taken into account. Several factors related to the e-commerce platform and the planned online store need to be considered. Such factors include the size of the online store, the extent of scalability required by the store, kind of features offered by the e-commerce platform, level of customization offered by the platform, and so on. Which e-commerce platform is likely to be the best for you will depend on the specific requirements you have for your online store.

Do you ensure SEO-friendliness for the e-commerce website you build?

It’s vital for an e-commerce website to be SEO-friendly, because that’s how you can be sure that you will be found on the search engines by the consumer market that you are targeting. Therefore, we offer SEO-friendly e-commerce development to ensure the success of your online store. Our experienced e-commerce developers will design and develop your website keeping in mind the important principles of SEO.

Why should I choose EFI for my e-commerce development needs?

We know that your e-commerce business is a dream venture for you. Your e-commerce website will perhaps be the most important factor in determining the success of this dream of yours. You want the design and navigation of the website to be inviting enough so that the users coming to the website are tempted to stick around and make a purchase. Furthermore, you want the checkout process to be streamlined enough so that the users actually go through with the purchase.

As you can see, developing the right e-commerce website is a complex job that needs to be done just the right way. E-commerce developers at EFI have the vast proficiency and experience that is necessary to build a successful e-commerce website. They have developed a wide range of online shopping websites so far, and therefore have a unique perspective on how to make an online store great and exceptional. Our developers will guide you on which are the most significant features that your website needs. When you choose EFI for your e-commerce development needs, you can be assured that you’ll get a customized e-commerce website that ranks high in performance, scalability, security, and other such important aspects.

How easy will it be for me to interact with my e-commerce developer at EFI?

Easy, regular, and smooth interactions with our clients is one of the top priorities at EFI. This means that you will be able to interact with your e-commerce developer on a day-to-day basis throughout the development process. From email to Skype chats and calls, there are various convenient ways for you to connect and interact with your e-commerce developer.

What about the time and cost for building my e-commerce website?

We understand that you want your e-commerce website to be developed as early as possible and in an affordable manner. EFI ensures both, time-efficiency as well as cost-efficiency. Once we understand your website requirements, we will give you a time and cost estimate for the completion of your website. While our affordable pricing will ensure that the website development is cost-effective, our efficient project management capability will ensure that your website is completed within the estimated timeline. This means that not only do we offer highly cost-efficient e-commerce development, but we also ensure that you are able to launch a high-quality e-commerce store on time in the market.

Domain Expertise

  • Education

  • Finance

  • Gaming

  • Healthcare

  • Hitech

  • Manufacturing

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Retails & Ecommerce

  • Telecommuni- cation

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Travel &

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Clients Testimonials

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

Stefan Gunnarsson

Director Global Business Development.

Experts From India performed an outstanding job! We were able to bring to market our new platform based on a new architecture within an astounding mere eight weeks time, within scope and under budget.



CIS team has always managed to complete my projects within the deadlines. I genuinely want to thank the team for transforming our raw ideas and designs into reality. Cheers!

Rama Mclntosh

CEO, My School Inc, USA

CIS has exceeded our expectations by developing for us a full marketplace website from scratch with customer and admin applications. We early anticipate the next applications, already in development, that will further enhance our.

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